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On My Mind


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Daisy95381's picture

Omg Im Cody Simpsons BIGGEST fan!!! I have a cody simpson shrine xDD

GingerbreadJessi's picture

Thank you for your music...keeping me sane during some dark moments <3

angelmarss's picture


angelmarss's picture

you're always on my mind Cody, every minutes, every second, every hour of the day! AWESOME!♥♥♥

nini machado's picture

amo esta musica e adoro-TE:D

amanda simpson143's picture

you're always on my mind!

Melanie Taylor's picture

143 ;) love this song :) <3

1Cody143's picture

I LOVE this song! Great job Cody! :)

LovinCodyS's picture

I used to only listen to Cody to make fun of him. But now I actually like him :o

bo's picture

you're on my mind!!

jadajames's picture

hi i love u Cody always even wen u cam to my school and i got a hug and autograph u changed my life thank you so much

mzyouj's picture

don't ever stop doing what you do see you on Wednesday

ValeriaLópez_143's picture

Question: Is it possible that a guy could be that amazing and handsome? Answer: Yes, it is
Evidences: Cody Simpson
PS: I love you, keep like that never try to be perfect, because you are already perfect like this to me ;) <3

I&#039;N&#039;E&#039;SS's picture

I just... ... love this song!!! ;)

CandeCS's picture

Sos taaaaaan hermoso !!! Tengo ganas de que venga ah Argentina (:

gabbsey103's picture

i love on my mind and cody cody is so cute

Xx_Cody_Simpson_Luver_247_Xx's picture

Cody this is my favorite song by you eveytime I hear it I turn it up and image you are there singing it

CSAllDay's picture

Awesome!!! Love it <3

Audreyrobinson's picture

sooooooo cute

alexandercoxs's picture

Yeap, you'r doing pretty good, try to hold the form, best of luck.

alexandercoxs's picture

Yeap, you'r doing pretty good, try to hold the form, best of luck.
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RahmahSimpson's picture

AMAZING. i like this song :)

Michaela_Simpson's picture

Love You Your Amazing <3

anasalvatore's picture


mikhalia's picture

you rock cody keep on doing your thing

eliana amo a cody's picture

amo esta cancion

miss.swag14's picture

u r always on my mind

mafer99's picture

i love this song i sing it to the boy i love

Vanilla__Chillaaa's picture

I love this beautiful song :)

BrooklynnCW's picture

LOV THIS SONG 143!!!!!!!!!