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On My Mind


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misz iqa's picture

i love you

dexter paul's picture

amazing your all song

chelsea143cody's picture

CODY never hesitate to writw a song everything write is amazing and has a great meaning! keep writing :)

soccerchick4's picture

i love your new song Angle cant stop listening to it :)

Neo's picture

i love you, youre amazing

xxCandyBebaxx's picture

i could listen to Justin Bieber on time and Cody Simpson all day

Kate 143<3's picture

cody your always on my mind ;*

gleerockstar13's picture

i love cody

egs's picture

ilove you love your songs 143 143 143143143 143 143 143 143

Allison_Kelley's picture

i love to sing along with it and pretend that your singing it to me!!

cody simpson 143 <3's picture

cody i love you ! & i love this song of yers !

143iluvcody's picture

This is like my ultimate summer song, besides Summertime of course!

143iluvcody's picture

Come to Ottawa, Canada! Or at least Toronto!!! CANADA LOVES CODY!!

alinawatson2's picture

LOVE this song and LOVE U CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabby_5's picture

Love this Song :)

maddi <'3 cody (:'s picture

love it :)

Missylovescody's picture

love it

Trevis Williams's picture

Cody Simpson I wish you can come to Longview Texas.

Trevis Williams's picture

This song is hot.

ilovecodysimpson_17's picture

awsome song hmu

ilovecodysimpson_17's picture

i love you cody

Vannah's picture

i have that cd it only has on my mind! but i still love it, :)

musiclover_2's picture

i just love you cody. your music help me relize that im not the only one who been though it

xboo3104's picture

LOVE THIS SONG!!! AMAZING LOVE U CODY ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

dominique's picture

my fave song in the world (: i love you cody

loreto's picture


Kathryn Carey's picture

your simply the most amazing guy to ever walk this planet

sk8erchick's picture

cody i think u inspire young kids to be like u. its telling others that not all people have to be over the age of 14 to be able sing 143 4ever.

_Cam_'s picture

this is my favorite song..

LisaJansson's picture

I love this song!