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Are YOU Cody's Dream Girl?

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on July 19, 2010

BOP and Tiger Beat got personal with our guy Cody while he was at Radio Disney last week. Cody discussed his ideal girl, the perfect date and more. Are YOU his dream girl? Find out!


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I am so perfect for him ;] Seriously. I am not bragging.
LoveLoveGirl01's picture

i am perfect for him,but not to brag i just love him
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Okay... not to be a hater cuz i most defentaly am not but, So many girls think that there the ONE for Cody Simpson, but truth is, there not :\ He is just a normal guy and maybe he does like blonde hair, or maybe he likes purple! you would never know, but one thing for sure is that you dont want to smother the kid with all ur assumptions of you getting with him. He is amazingly cutte and amazingly talented but hes just normal, and he will pick just a normal girl to be with, which is reality and we all need to understand that :)
ranimpson's picture

I hope it's me XD okay, maybe she's not me coz i don't have blonde hair (my hair is brown-red),my eyes are brown, but this is me.i just wanna be myself everday, i love myself :) My friends said that sometimes i can be lil crazy, i don't like to be so seriously lol XD I love watch the sunset its so beautiful, and watch the movies. Ohya, urrmm.. i'll be so glad if you come to indonesia. i really wanna to meet you. please :) 143
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of course i can make u laugh ; ]] everyone's laughing, when i am laughing ; d lol ; ) _________________________ how your ideal girl have to look like. ? ; ] somewhere i read: blonde girl with blue eyes. is that true. ? if yes - i'm yours xd haha ; ]
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I thik I am. I now alot of girls might say tha,but I do think I am
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c u on saturday and friday at the mall and concert what a special treat right in time for halloween
Céline_7's picture

Hi Cody... I am Always who I am,,I like going to the beach =) but there is a llittle probleme :( I live in belgium so I can Just dreaming about you and listening to youre music... :( i hope that you come soon to Belgium I Love you
Bubbles (BelindaDaff)'s picture

totally creepy..... that is my idea of a perfect date!
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Hi Cody, I am often happy and you can me much fun have more I like very much to swim, I always win in swimming competitions to my friends. (even against guys!) haha and it seems incredibly fun to you hit the beach and then go into a restaurant, if you like it to meet me, mail me: my email: I really want to learn surfing here with me but that's a bit difficult. xxxx, Let me know.
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143 im her(:
xxxiloveyoucodyxxx_2's picture

cody i am who i am im a little crazy and werid but that is who i am people say im hott but i really care about that stuff and if we ever went on a date i would probly take you too watch the sunset and then we might to do dinner then a movie and what happens next will be between u and me lol :)
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Truth i aint perfect but that was so amazing wish could b your dream girl.. lol. gotta wait and see but would be an honour. xoxo ttyl
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that vid was so cute! i wuld die2 beh ur dream gurl but, well j hav2 c!
ZoZo_ LoVeS_ cOdY's picture

i love this video its just soo cute and cody ur so lovable and truthful
Maddy <3's LAX's picture

Telling the truth here, I'm not perfect. I've watched you through your whole journey from the beginning as a supporter and a fan. I watched your interview/ news report on channel 2. I'm Aussie and I live in Australia, your home country. I love spending time at the beach. I love summertime, it's my favourite time of the year. It's all about chilling out and having an awesome time with friends. My favourite moments are having a good laugh and just generally having fun. I always give anything a shot and strive through life making the most of it. I think I'm legit, and don't fuss too much. I'm 13, TAURUS baby! I'm only a couple months younger than you. I've surfed once or twice, I thought I went well... stood up. I think it would be cool for you, Cody Simpson to teach me how to surf. It'd be pretty HOT! I try to be as honest as I can, may keep things to myself. I love all foods!!!! Bye
Cody_Lover_#3's picture

ah your lucky i live super close to the beach!:)
Cody_Lover_#3's picture

im the girl for you:) 143
Cody's_My_Australian_Babe_143's picture

OMG I love watching this video! I really love it when he does that thing with his eyebrow when he talks about going to a restaurant at 0:25 LOL that's so cute!
Cody's_My_Australian_Babe_143's picture

Plus I'm 12!!!! But I bet you want someone your age though.. :'(
Gemma <3_2's picture

I'd go to the beach with you anyday :D
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Cody's_My_Australian_Babe_143's picture

I can make you laugh Cody!!! I would love going to the beach and going to a restaurant with you! But it's highly impossible that I would ever meet you :'( ... But I'm gonna keep my hopes up! I LOVE YOUUU !!!! 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm honest AND funny AND smart AND I can act like myself (unless I faint when I meet you lol) But you are truly amazing and I love you so much!
Cody's_My_Australian_Babe_143's picture

I can be myself! And I would love to go to the beach with you! Your songs are Way better than Justin Bieber's! Yours aren't all about girls like his are..I mean I like Justin but I like you more..and I LOVE your accent! As you can see my name clearly states that you're my Australian babe! ; ) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iloveyoucodysimpson_12's picture

okay, being comfortable around him, probably not at first. but later on, were gonna fall in love
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LUV U Hey EVERYBODY watch DeGrassi The Boiling Point On Teen nick weeknights at 9 XOXO
CodySFan_3's picture

143 everry hour of the day iy iy iy im missin you missin you
tegann:)'s picture

heey:) are you really moving to USA?
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