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Cody Films “Finding Cody” [Pics]

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on April 30, 2012

Head over to to check out some new pics of Cody filming his "Finding Cody" YouTube movie this past weekend in LA! His upcoming film, which “follows self-proclaimed ‘biggest Cody Simpson fan in the world’ Lucy in her quest to see her idol performing live in concert,” will be premiere on The Warner Sound's YouTube Channel in June! Click HERE to check out pics from the shoot, and keep it locked on to for more details on “Finding Cody” coming soon!


StayStrong's picture

DUbai plzz , ill doo anything to stand in the front row o; <3 i love you cody simpson <3
katherine mejia's picture

come to Honduras please..!:(
arzum143's picture

Come to Turkey baby, please.. :(
thiscodyinme_BR's picture

comes to brazil babe ):
katherine mejia's picture

OMG I love that picture a lot..!Love you Cody
shay simpson's picture

didnt get to read it
shay simpson's picture

nvm, i typed to fast
emilisimpson4's picture

ummm im most likely a bigger fan than lucy but okok congrats lucy ;0 lucky you
shay simpson's picture

who is lucy?
geraldine_love's picture

Man !! I wish I went !!! :(
Cody&#039;s Wife_2's picture

i wish i went!!!! i am excited for more dets!!!! I am probably a bigger fan than Lucy but whateves! Congrats Lucy!!! 143
UltimateSimpsonizer's picture

um, i cried my eyes out when i received a happy 15th birthday EMAIL from him, cried when i got his cd calender and posters. i am a true simpsonizer and i think i am the absolute biggest CODY SIMPSON fan ever.
savisimpson's picture

If they are following the biggest Cody Simpson fan, why arent they filming me? (;
Larissa_Santos's picture

eu queria muito estar lá,mais pena qui eu moro no Brasil:(
143codysimpsonn143's picture

1. say your favorite celeb's name 10 times 2. say your name 10 times 3. say your name once, then your favorite celeb's name once 4. post this on 5 other posts That celeb will either meet you or make you fanous one day
143codysimpsonn143's picture

omg cant wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!! so wish i waz there... cody and alli are my top 2 idols!!!!!!!!!! 143 cody and alli simpson :P
CodysGirl143_4's picture

I wish I was there!!!!!!!!