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Cody on Music Choice’s 'Cosigned' [WATCH]

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on April 02, 2012

Two artists. Two journeys. One goal. Follow Cody and Diggy Simmons from different backgrounds as they pursue their dream of making it big and became "Cosigned" to the same record label, Atlantic Records. Watch "Cosigned" below, available on MC OnDemand. For more exclusives, visit!


shay simpson's picture

does anybody even know who diggy simmons is without seeing this video??
Sophie Kirkman's picture

Great HD. Love how you have come so far. It must have been a very hard decision but I hope you think that this was a good decision. Your angels think so! hahaha
vicci143's picture

I love you so much Cody! This is so amazing to watch, and to see how far you have come! You are so amazing and by the way, you NEVER sounded like a girl to me, haha!
vicci143's picture

I love you Cody! This is so amazing to watch as well!