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Listen to Cody Simpson’s “Surfers Paradise” Album!

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on July 11, 2013

Now that we’re only 5 days away from the release of Cody’s newest album Surfers Paradise, you can officially preview the entire album! Head to now to listen to the full album and don’t forget to pre-order it here in time for the release on July 16th!


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only 1 hour, i`m so so exited i can`t wait!!!!!!!!!!
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i love this album so much! cant wait! almost there in a few more hours! <3
lovecody3's picture

love this album <3 it's perfect Cody :)
paradisegirl143's picture

Surfers Paradise is not only a true inspiration but an album with utter class and I can't wait for tomorrow. The world awaits with joy and happiness!
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codys_angel_yewww's picture

Perfect album Cody! Everyone I know has loved it so far!
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Cody, about the song "Imma Be Cool", when you say "Imma Be", it kinda sounds like "Ah Mabe", and guess what, Mabe is my nickname!!!! It was just amazing when I first listened to that song!!!! I just can't wait 'till I get a copy of Surfers Paradise!
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Cody, you are growing fast. “Surfers Paradise” Album is excellence. ^^ You done a good job. Keep it. Know more about your life in this album just as you said. ^^
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I love it! You've come so far Cody! Can't wait till I can get a copy of Surfers Paradise! 143 CRS <3
SidneySimpson143's picture

I love it!!!!! Im so proud of you Cody! I told everyone about this album and hopefully they will get it! love you<3
canadian angels love cody's picture

it won't play any other songs except pretty brown eyes and summertime of our lives..