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New Valentine’s Day Build-A-Bear Commercial!

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on January 28, 2013

Cody surprises one of his fan for Valentine’s Day in this new Build-A-Bear Valentine’s day commercial! Watch the full clip below and head to to see who Cody will deliver a bear to next!


SidneySimpson143's picture

Omg I have the same bear I love it so much!!! <3 <3
stephanie Gorodn's picture

I would to get a build a bear from Cody Simpson. It would make me so happy then from how my life is now, it will change everything if I got a bear from Cody!!!
veronicalovescody143's picture

Hi Cody! Hope you have an amazing Valentines Day!!! I think it's so cool that you're giving these out to your fans! You're amazing :) 143 #simpsonizer
Cuddles101226's picture

I would love if I could have a Build-a-Bear by Cody Simpson. May I be the one to win. Thank you for reading, anyone who did.
DanielX's picture

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brooksmith14's picture

I would love to get a bear from cody!! He has inspired me in so many ways! Specially with bullying.. I am a victim and he has helped me through it!
sky143's picture

soo sweeet
Codyluv98's picture

I would absolutely LOVE it if I got a bear from Cody! My birthday is on February 10th and it would be the best birthday gift I have ever gotten! <3
lilly58's picture

i live in homestead i wish i got one :( :( :(
lilly58's picture

I'm 8 and i wish i got that:(
rachel669's picture

I would like to be the next person to get a bear
LauraaaSimpsonnn's picture

Cody you can send me a build a bear if you like i really don't mind I'm a SIMPSONIZER!!! Please pick me ILOVEYOU!<3 I live in England though so... i guess it won't be me good luck angels i hope he picks all of you guys <3 i love you guys sisters4life
brendy_wendy's picture

Aww Cody! What a nice thing to do! I wish I was that lucky girl and I got build-a-bear from Cody!! <3 :D
paigecody143's picture

i live ohio so i hope im the next
Darah143's picture

That would be so awesome to get something from Cody!!! I would keep it forever!!! One of the reasons I really want one is because i've never gotten anything for Valentines Day before :'(
Kaitlyn Simpson's picture

How do you enter...?
faithrockstar's picture

Hope I'm Next ;)
Antonia D's picture

I live in stupid Croatia so I don't think that I can be next :(
Allende's picture

I cant watch the video in the web. I live in Spain so I don't think that I can be the next;)! Good luck angels!
IreneSimpson15's picture

I live in Spain so I can not compete :( I hate Spain...
Allende's picture

me too:SS hahahaha
MaricorSotto's picture

Wish it was meee. :((
Angellollar143's picture

that was cute I wish my Bf would do something like that
simpsoner129's picture

How do you enter this? I would LOVE do be the next winner! :D
SydneyBSimpson's picture

I should be the person to win this because 1. I cant afford to go to a cody concert and probably never will. 2. I love him so much and the fact that i cry when i hear him sing is just a perfect reason :)
MissMayraRobles's picture

where do we have to go to enter the contest??? i wanna know so bad i wanna win this??? please tell me!!
StellaBella's picture

since cody like s floridan girls he should get me one! lol
SIMPSONIZER4LIFE 143's picture

I wanna win, my birthday is on valentines day and I'm a big Cody Simpson. I never win anything either.i love Cody Simpson, I NEED TO BE THE NEXT PERSON TO WIN A BEAR GIVEN BY CODY SIMPSON!!!!! <3
madison143-2's picture

ME!!! I am the ultimate Cody Fan :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissMayraRobles's picture

I never win anything. I wanna win this one???