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The Paradise Series – Episode 5

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on February 13, 2013

Cody takes us to the studio in this new episode of The Paradise Series! Right before the start of his European tour, Cody gives us a glimpse of a typical day in the studio as he records music, including a new song called “Neck Kisses”. Check out the new episode below for more!


Rainwater's picture

Look forward to your new single, your new songs ^^
ritamoreira2109's picture

can't wait to listen to the full song!!! love it! <3
xxjennyxx's picture

That sounds like an amazing song! Cody, you are so damn perfect. <3
Meliha sofi's picture

Cody_lover32's picture

It is Sexy <3
Codyluv98's picture

This is an amazing song, Cody! I think that it's great that you're experimenting with your music! 143! <3
AllyKatt's picture

Lalala… neck kisses hehehe<3
Julesdance's picture

Great job cody! Your an amazing songwriter! I agree it is perfect for valentines day!
Luna_SBK's picture

neck kisses is a beautiful song, is perfect for valentine's day (: 143 Cody!
fatimaalhanash's picture

i love this the music is perfect for valentines day