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SIMPSON SATURDAY: Studio Sessions with Cody [Video]

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on November 26, 2011

Check out a sneak peek of Cody working in the studio on his first full length album in the exclusive clip below for Simpson Saturday! Are you excited for Cody's first full length album?! Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget, Cody's "Coast to Coast" EP is available NOW on iTunes HERE!


cheyennekarr143's picture

Cant wait for the album to come out gonna be the best yet!!!Love the song!!!:) ~CheyenneR
Allison_16's picture

I seriously CANT wait till Codys new album comes out!!
codysimpsonjustinbiebercraze's picture

THIS ALBUM SOUNDS AMAZZZINNNGGG! U SHOULD PUT #EveningsInLondon on it! PLEEZZ!! soooooo excited! u dont want 2 see me when i am 2 excited 4 a new album! i get a little um...too excited. LOVE THIS SONG!!! 2011 NEEDS 2 SPEEDEN UP!! RRR!
AbigailSimpson143's picture

Album is going to to be the best thing I"VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AbigailSimpson143's picture

The chicken singing in the end(: LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((((((((((((:
mrs.simpson2.0's picture

I cant wait until your album comes out I know its going to be HOT
Egmm1123's picture

Sounds great !(: i'm excited. #ProudSimpsonizer
Sarah CS 143 !!!'s picture

OMG !!! CANNOT WAIT !!!! you sound amazing please come to south america (colombia) lots of love 143 143 xoxo !!!
Monika14's picture

I love this song! I cant wait!!
codysimpsonjustinbiebercraze's picture

um.......yeah im excited!!! love this!! :) :) now im even more excited!! LOL, chicken? xoxo!
Anna Lindenmayr's picture

i Love this song (: + I can't wait ..? Love from Germany :)
CodyIngerHelen's picture

I love the song! can't wait, OMG!!!
shmanda143's picture

cant wait for this album!!
shmanda143's picture

i like the part where he is singing inbetween sipping like hot chocolate!! chicken?
Fabi11black's picture

wat the hell is the name of that music!! Someone can tell for the guy sings with cody doens't know how sing???!!! Come on!!! Hav someone knows the name of that song, for I do download on ITunes??
aussielover97's picture

I love how he jsut seems so calm all the time even when he's being followed by random creeps, haha
Kayla98CS's picture

It doesnt sound like Cody. Oh my god!
Kayla98CS's picture

I want to sing... no I want to drink... sing... DRINK!
Kayla98CS's picture

Hello muscles (;
codys_angel_yewww's picture

seriously cannot wait for this album to come out!!!
Eliana_3's picture

wow you got muscule
bb3's picture

omg going to be awesome!!! 143
AllieCorreia97's picture

i cant wait!!!!! 143 cody!!
Ayeee;)'s picture

CANT wait, Love the song he's working on too!
ShahanalovesCody's picture

omg i love that song song already i got it stuck in my head cody!! it sound great n i cant wait to hear the full song so i learn it off by heart n keep it in my heart!! also omg man ceramic chichen has actual talent n that talent diserves a clucking prize of that u impressed me ceramic chicken
poppy159951's picture

I can't WAIT untill his next album!! LOVE the ceramic chicken!!!! LOVE YA CODY!!! Leigh
Cool Kenz's picture

Can't wait for the new album! It is going to be awesome!!
allymusiclover's picture

i can't wait til the next album comes out.also my fav part was 1:03-1:13 and when they showed cremic the chicken
omgitsme's picture

ceramic chicken
CrazyforCodyRobertSimpson's picture

omg can't wait i'm deff getting it, hope he has a tour for this im deff going