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Vote for Your Favourite Paradise Song!

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on November 21, 2012

Cody wants to know which song on Paradise you like most! Head to to listen and take your pick from one of ten songs off of Paradise. Who knows, it may even be his next single! Cast your vote now!


dancegirle's picture

Luv them all!!! but my favs I think are Summer Shades, Be the One, and Hello <3
Juliet_Simic's picture

i voted for hello <3
fatimaalhanash's picture

vote for cody hes the best ;]
fatimaalhanash's picture

lov u
amyfordxo's picture

they're all sooooo amazing, i pre ordered the album before it came out but my favorite song would be "Hello" or "Tears on your pillow" made up a dance to "Hello" in my gym class! i live in the uk and i'm coming to see you in February!!
OliviaJeggo's picture

I Love Girls or Tears On Your Pillow by faaarrr
mish751's picture

I Love them all!!! but my favorite has to be summer shade... or maybe tears on your pillow.. i cant decide..... there all so amazing and inspiring!
codys1angel101's picture

Wish you were here is my #1 favorite song on your album. I have it on my phone and i made it my dance recital song for my upcoming competetion. You`re the only one who makes me smile when im feeling sad i love you soooo much<3 But out of all your songs Guitar cry is the MOST AWESOME SONG EVER. You will be my 1st concert i`ve ever been too:)
Illyana_Isa's picture

I vote them all!!!!
codysonmymindallday7's picture

Back To You, Be The One, Wish U Were Here!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL CODY!!!! :D im obsessed
IreneG's picture

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Cool Kenz's picture

Summer Shade!!!!!! Love that song!! <3
CodysGirl143_4's picture

Back To You <3
13angel's picture

my favorite song is i wish you were here and i loved it so much i keep singing it everyday
yonten's picture

i vote for wish you were here=D
purplesimpson's picture

i voted for wish you were here i also wouldve voted for tears on you pillow
madilovescody143's picture

i wish i had twitter so i could vote!! i would probably vote for wish you were here tho cuz its like my favourite song!
Cody-s angel's picture

It's like having a bunch of kids........... Ya can't pick a favourite
Alicea143's picture

My fav song is Summer Shade!I LOVE THAT SONG SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!I love u Cody <3!
leecrewj's picture

My favorite song is BE THE ONE!!!!
musicisbetter's picture

I love Summer Shade!! <3 :-) Love you, Codes.
Astrid Mortveit's picture

I love all the songs! But my favorites is "summer shade" and "be the one"! But what I really love is Cody. <3
shay simpson's picture

my favorite is WISH U WERE HERE! my ipod says ive listened to it 523 times since june 12th
shay simpson's picture

anyone else MAD about that mckayla girl taking a pic with him?!?!?!?!? iwonder who asked for the picture?? she probably did, thats not a bad thing that she did, but idt cody would say it.. but he might.. jk idk
irmamaee's picture

HELLO is my fav
rachel_simpson143's picture

tears on your pillow<3
Darah143's picture

yes he has a girlfriend me
angelica_1000's picture

oh and cody, i heard you have a girlfriend, kiley jenner, am i right? :)
madilovescody143's picture

they arnt dating