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Watch Cody's MTV's Punk'd Episode + Bonus Clip of Cody's Reaction!

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on May 25, 2012

In case you missed Cody getting Punk'd by Heather Morris last night on MTV, you can now watch the full episode below! Cody stumbles upon a robbery in progress at his house in the clip, and in the bonus video below you can also watch Cody's full reaction to getting Punk'd!


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need to c the episode... cody's web crew... you need to make this vid available in BC in Canada!
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codysimpsonlover_61's picture

i felt so bad for him, yet i was hysterically laughing at his reaction. Didn't expect him to swore though aha.
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i didnt expect cody to be someone who swore......still cute as ever 143crs
guitargurl143_2's picture

BAHAHA I feel so bad for him at first. But it is so funny
CodysGirl143_4's picture

So cute!!! I loved it Codes!! :)
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lol cody