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Please watch and comment my new video "We are the world" @! Its for Haiti and Chile

Please watch and comment my new video "We are...
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Posted by Cody Simpson
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mcnugget's picture

your an amzing role model :)

Luiza's picture

You're everything good in this world!

TROUBLE 143's picture

awesome song luv it!!!!!!!!!!

xox.jjay.xox's picture

iluvyou. xox 143... forever

sarah143x2's picture

I love this song :)

angel_14's picture

hmmmmmmmmmm sounds like someone copied eachother with this song but idk who its between you and jb just depends on when this song came out

Argentinachic's picture


jojosimpson_2's picture

I love this video so much, i cudnt stop replaying it! :D

Gabrielle123's picture

i saw that video on youtube! i watched it ,like, 60 times. then i showed it 2 my friends!

Judyy<3's picture

I press the replay button like 50 times..XDD

Madison_25's picture

it is so good cody!!! ily

Singerrgirll22's picture

OMC....Ahhh, you're awsomeee.

Inès :D's picture

As what, overnight, we can pass from a commonplace person to a great cute singer and whose name everybody has in mouth :D

lysh's picture

any1 2 have u wuld b luky :D

Sarah De Meester's picture

how is it possible to be that cute?!
i wish i'd live next door
i love youu

shannon_crosbie's picture

nice pic :) xx

CODYLOVER4444's picture

i luv it!!! u r sooo cute!!!!!

julia stack's picture

omg cody best song ever! i love it! u should put summertime on itunes i love that song too!
xoxo 143!!!!

Payton :)'s picture

awww u r so sweet n i luv the reason u wear tht bracelet tht sayz "stay strong" u r so sweet

GeorgiaLovesCody's picture

stunning cody !! love you xx

Erin_duffy13's picture

uhhhhhh my stumic dropped you gave me chills cody simpson

Nacha De Simpson's picture

Is So Awesome ?

iloveCodySimpsonxox's picture

you look a lot younger x] but cutee

nataliesimpson_2's picture

its so cuteeee i love it (L)

XeentjeXOXO's picture

Your Soooo HOT

cupkake1014's picture

i wish i could do more to help haiti because we are alll in this together and need to act like it and not just sit around and pretend like everythind will be okay.

CodySimpsonsBabyGurl's picture

Cody your my babee:)

just mii's picture

cute,hot,sexxy,ex. i love you

Huskers#1's picture

Love it! I have a friend and he is from Haiti. 1-4-3 Cody!

Chloee &  Aussie <3 <3's picture