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Please watch and comment my new video "We are the world" @! Its for Haiti and Chile

Please watch and comment my new video "We are...
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Posted by Cody Simpson
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Bre Simpson's picture

loveyoubaby & come to ontario canada!

aimee.lee's picture

Loveyoubabe ? Follow me on twitter babe @AimeeLee7

codylove44's picture

relly wish i could meet u and ur so sweet

143codysimpson4ever_2's picture

my cousins live in chile

cheerlove's picture

Hey!!!!!!! omg cody you are really cool and cute...i want to meet are look so nice!!!!:)

SierraT's picture

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute!!!! 143 ;)

selena byeber's picture

really cute lol u look really nice funny and awsome sense of humor i just think that ur HOT!


hey!!!i think u r probably really sweet and cute!!!from the videos ive seen you probably have a great sense of humor too!!!~

Alexaheatscody143's picture

i sang this song in my chorus classs

happyfanofcody's picture

gold bless U!!!!!:)

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memo99<3's picture

god has given you a gift and im sure he is very proud of you for using it to help others!! god bless you!! your very handsome!!!:):)

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meghan13's picture

yes sir :)

Daphne love Cody <3's picture

i love youu, i'm from chile

Sam143's picture

I loove it (the vid) it's so emotional and your voice makes it more special ..:D I can also feel that you mean what you're saying in the song :) I love you 4 ever my angel

Codyluvver's picture

wowww...ur soo kind hearted....

Ioanaa Mirunaa's picture

when i watched it i cried. it touched my heart

you are very kind-hearted

robertschelsea123's picture

man cody u r so talented

Cody'sBiggestFan101's picture


mary15's picture

when i frist heard the 3 words he said i cryed good job cody

crazy4CODY_23's picture

omg i cried when i watched it
it was soooo touching
u sang it with a lot of feeling

143codyluvr12's picture

aaaaawwwwwww....... i will listen to it after this avril lavigne song..... [O>O]

jst.wantin.2.stnd.out.143.(:'s picture

I heard that song, I first listened to the original, and then I listened to Cody's. Both were amazing, but I absolutely loved Cody's version. He put soo much feeling into it, it seemed almost better than the original! (:

miss simpson_3's picture

ooffttttt looking hot love u cody xxx

candystore<3codysimpson's picture

I would love 2

JoanieSimpson's picture

annwnn ; so sweet. (:

codylover888's picture

you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet

Kristin Shipp's picture

we are gonna get married someday. i promise you.

SimpsonCanada's picture

it was so amazing ?