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Summertime vid shoot!

Summertime vid shoot!
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Posted by Cody Simpson
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stefanieBaybee ;)'s picture

same here, i wanna learn to skateboard too. i used to have one

xxSelinaxx's picture

where was that taken?

kelsey_21's picture

cool board haha i skateboard

KTCRLY's picture

i wish i could skateboard, i will learn......does anybody have a skate board i could borrow?

Ririe Lestari's picture

yeahh...ur so awesome with skateboard...

44cassie44's picture

The color blue looks really good on you. Is this what you really back in Australia? Love it!!!

Jane(:'s picture

you look amazing in that shirt. sorry, i seem creepy. hahaha(:

codylover19's picture

BIG fan and your hot love you

FirstSugar's picture

I`m not a big fan but ur cute ;)

smileyky's picture

When's the video coming out?!?!?

echaarz's picture

amazing pict!

MinaIsLikeCodySimpson's picture

Longboard, alright? It's cool to skate of this board

isabella_17's picture

santa monica.

MerSimpson143's picture

the skate board from the music video!! :D love it! ?
amazing pic! :]

effefer's picture

sweet long board i so want one but i cant affored one

milyxxcodysimpsonxx's picture

ur so GORGUS!!! i have a skate board just like that. Come to torquay in vic n skate at the beach!! i luv skating and U!!

codyfangirl14's picture

Nice board. Can you make a vid of you sk8ting.

143CodysCrew's picture

such a hotti and nice board

ifollowcody4eva's picture

omg im weak when i see him hoti!!!!!!!!

Phoebe Phairy's picture

this is gorgeous, how come your so talented? and stunning? its not fair :(

Cheyenne.Holly's picture

Love you cody for who you are :) xO i'd ove to meet you one day aye ? lol

lucylovescody's picture

omg you are gorgeous i really want to meet you!:( 143

Maddi_3's picture

awesome board!:)

codyy lover<3's picture


the rocker's picture

your so cute

Liza R.'s picture

cool! ?

charly's picture

Love him and his beenie

meltemsimpson's picture

u are so handsome :D

L-J codysimpson<3's picture

you are so cool !

gleelovescodyyy's picture

OMG I love skateboarding!!!!! I could have been doing it with you if I was in the video!!!
When's the video coming out? Which one's the lead girl???