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Australian KCAs

Australian KCAs
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Cody performs "iYiYi" at the Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2010.

Average: 4 (1 vote)


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crazy for codysimpson_2's picture

cody simpson you are really HOT

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Cody Simpson_5's picture

Oh my goD I WANT TO SEE yOUR dICK! hotttttt

Ioanaa Mirunaa's picture

your voice is amazing

i like it sooo much

shalinalovescody143's picture

let me know when you come to belgium please


mrsyellow's picture

this concert was amazing! :)

cody carla=love's picture

come to melbourne plz

mintivity's picture

in this pic i want dancing nowww !!!

daphneetutu's picture

Come to Canada pleasee!! :)

SimpsonCanada's picture

come to canada please! :)

Nika♥'s picture

come to germany cody!!! cool pic ;D

justinesimpsonXo's picture

i wish i coulda been there!! lol, come to canada cody!!

cody_simpson's picture

he is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Judyy<3's picture

One word to describe him....WOOOOW

rockinmiranda's picture

hotess right there

dela_simpson's picture

it's cool

CODYLOVER4444's picture

i luv the pictures when your singing! your such a great singer i listen to your music on my ipod 24/7!!!!!! ps i luv your jacket!!!! u look great in it! ;D

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CODYCRAZY9's picture

he looks tute (tute = cute. i say tute instead of cute)

nataliesimpson_2's picture

i watched this you were amazing!!!

SelinafromSouthAustralia's picture

Luv the leather on u!

SelinafromSouthAustralia's picture

Luv the leather jacket on u!

louloulovesyou1's picture

he's so beautiful (:

Viity's picture

the presentation was beautiful, congratulations!
I love you, Cody!

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hello everybody,my yahoo is

Simpson1/11/97's picture

Absolutely LOVES him(:

Lúh_Lerman Simpson's picture

there is a chubby girl who is not holding on longer is not it ... kk '
sorry folks, sorry ... it is very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

Charlene♥CODY SIMPSON♥'s picture

i love u Cody
u so cute