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Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/10/22_21:07:55

Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/10/22_21:07:55
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Lehigh Valley, PA

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1. say your favorite celeb’s name 10 times
2. say your name 10 times
3. say your name once, then your favorite celebs name once
4. post this on 5 other posts
That celeb will either meet you or make you famous one day!

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omg so lucky is that at a school or something

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i would do anything to be there.......:(

omg there are a lot of addicted girls

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awww! so cute! :D

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i'd probably be freaking out way more than they are, lmfao. xD

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Ohnnn so cute..

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cody u r the best singer ever!!!!!!!! i luv u u r so cute!!!

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you're so cute when you sing:*

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again i would do anything to be there!!!!!

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i would love to be those girls

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i wish i was there!! LOVE you CODY!

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they are all wereing the same coled jeans and so is cody
He Is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i was thereeee !!!!

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You guys are luuckky,
We would neveer come to a same toown like
Bakersfield, California.
But I am driviny all the way to L.A
To go to his meet & greet((:
The things I do for Him

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heyyy tay!! (: i was there too amazing !! omg our school was so crazy that day i mean lunch tables were falling over !! he is amaszinggg! ?

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i should be in there, but you gotta come to floridaa

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lol , what skool?

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Cody, I remember when you came. I got to take a picture with you. I was also at the interview. I was the one that you signed my shirt, but my hair was in the way and you had to move it. I will never forget that day.


omg that me in the front screammming in the new york sweetshirt sooo embarrassing

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there i am!!!!!(: