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Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/11/14_21:22:22

Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/11/14_21:22:22
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Cody's two-page feature in M magazine, October/November 2010 issue.

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I<3CodySimpson_55's picture

He does have cool watches. Cody is right, always be yourself don't ever change for somebody if they don't like you for who you are then they shouldn't be your friend. All he said though was to be yourself but still. I love Cody

143CS_3's picture

Just saying... he always has the coolest watches

Ioanaa Mirunaa's picture

i'm happy that u and justin are friends

Rena's picture

aww i cant read it :(

hanz5509's picture

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

SimpsonCanada's picture

i love this picture ?

SarahAndjani's picture

OMG! Cody you're so kind and friendly :)

lovecody143<3's picture

cody soooooooo much better than bieber

ilovecodysimpson_104's picture

love ya\

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rachel980_2's picture

your so sweet cody

codylover4ever_10's picture

aw he looks so cute with that beach ball :)

littlemisstia's picture

i want to be his dream girl too:)if only we met id b soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that i wouldnt know what to im mad that when there is a really famous guy that is my age and i really do like that i dont even get to see him bc he never comes where i am so all i do is dream about it:( how sad is that?

AmySimpson143<3's picture

OMG! hey girls i think that cody's perfect girl is selena...or miley...or jessica! what do you think?? i see that in a magazine! :/ i wanna be one of those girls!:(

Alexis Shea's picture

Codyy!!! 1-4-3 !!!! ;)

iluvcody_18's picture

OMG!!!!!Cody i want to meet you i just cant wait till the summer because, i'm coming a place near you. Australia and i'm going o vacation and i hope to see you.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Simpson ♥'s picture

ahhhhhh Gorgous!!!

Charlene♥CODY SIMPSON♥'s picture

U so cute!!!!!
Perfect boy:D
I very crazy U

<3Codyloverrr<3's picture

OMG! TOTAL LIKE!! 143!!!