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Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/11/18_03:11:04

Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/11/18_03:11:04
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Cody visits Channel 933 in San Diego, CA.

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Thequeenofcody's picture

can ya teach me a guitar?

love 4 cody's picture

he is soooooooo cute

Gretchen<3MUSIC's picture

NICE GUITAR!!! It has a beautiful color and body! :)

Bigmacbananabells's picture

omigosh!!!! du live in san diego!!!!!???????????? cuz i do!!! cant wait for the fashion valley mall!!! me and my friend r goingQQQQQ wat part of sd do u live in????

codysimpsonfan#11111's picture

wish i wus there!

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LoveSoStrong's picture

I love your guitar playing and I love your voice !! ?? Love U !

ILYCody a.k.a Kayla :)'s picture

i love when u play the guitar!! soo hot :)

i'monly-jana's picture

i wish i could play the guitar like him! Dx
i have no idea how many times i watched "Don't Cry Your Heart Out Acoustic Version" trying to figure out the strumming pattern, i adore his guitar-playing. :}

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Thecodyfans's picture

i love when he play guitar. he is amazing :)

Sam143's picture

he looks so amazing with his guitar and his microphone singing on of his perfect incredible songs I luv u my cody for ever :D

BritneyScottishZippyPancake's picture

Never Stop Singing.

Cody_Addicted's picture

Oh,,I love yah soo much !!!

madison143-2's picture

cody has a nice little sister! she was nice when my friend talked to her

ice411's picture

sing it cody!! 143

Hayley143's picture

Poptarts :) yumm

SAMII_3's picture

143 codyy

vania sindunata's picture

waw i hope u sing to me now ! lol

AlliCodySimpson's picture

Lovv ya xx

Charlene♥CODY SIMPSON♥'s picture

very nice I love u Cody :))

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