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Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/12/17_02:56:21

Crazy4Cody's photo 2010/12/17_02:56:21
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Cody performing at the Y100 Jingle Ball 2010. Photo courtesy of

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Your So Cute I love you

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Hi Cody,
I'm Ashley and I totally wish that I could go to a Cody Simpson concert but my family could never afford anything like that. I would do absolute anything to meet you Cody. Cody you are my #1 favorite singer ever you are super talented. I have a lot in common with you too my favorite colors are blue and green I love to swim and be in water I think singing is super cool but I'm not the best i would say and I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. If you would please contact me back by my email. My email is ( and once you contact me I will send you some pics of me and tell you a little bit more about me. I

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cody u are so cute 143

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he is cute and so talented!!!!do you Cody really get on this site??

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My name is Tracy i saw your profil today in this site and admire it,therefore i would like you to contact me back throug my email address thus:( will tell you more about myself and also send you my photo as soon as you contact me back.Thanks and God bless you(

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I wish I was as talented a musician as you are...

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what a cutiepy 143

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you look handsome !! ;)

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My babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

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Awh! I love this picture!?

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Oh C?dy why you're sooooo HOT ?

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good photo cody ?

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good photo cody ?

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=D aww! Cody you looks so cute?

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Cutee :D

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Innocent face >

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Awww... =)

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I am actually in love

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The PERFECT boy ever!!:)

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Happy b-day (L)

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Wow! Awesome photo! Cody you are awesome!

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oh my god, how fascinate you are cody. i turn to melt

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Huaa! that can make me melt :D

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i agree with superdupernina!
143 Cody!