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I'm from the beach.

I'm from the beach.
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Posted by Cody Simpson

Photo by @jamistig.

Sights. Sounds. Simpson.
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kiwi's picture

cody i love u for who u are not jst cause ur a awesome singer

Rosey52299's picture

143 :)

Rosey52299's picture

i luv this pic :)

TheMrs.Simpson's picture

i. love. you. 143(: you are amazingg!

Rainemoore's picture

ugh, you're hot ;) very, very hot.

charlieluvscodysimpson143's picture


kiwi's picture

hahaha ur so hottt, sweet and adorable cody

Ioanaa Mirunaa's picture

hi cody^^ i like very much your sunglasses.cute pic:)

cody carla=love's picture

Will u marry me?

cody carla=love's picture


cody carla=love's picture

hey babe
u are soooooooooooo hot
u will always be my babe

KelseyKayy♥'s picture

Cody , look at all these comments , you are incredible !
On My Mind is on my reeeply (:
you are hot toooo ;p


you are soo wonderful :)

mary15's picture

awe he singing to me

Sam143's picture

is that your name in the mic ? !! cooooooooooooll cody my angel :) haha I always call u my angel

Katharinee'Elizaabeth's picture

Aww.. i lovve the mic:P xx

Cody's#1FanFromAZ's picture

I love how the mic has your name on a label, it's cute.Haha, (:
Nice pic Cody. (:

SaRaH'97's picture

Awww, ur soo sexy!

CaaarlySiiimpson's picture

AWEH how amazingly cute is he

Sasha143cody's picture

you are a true inspiration

Alexandra_6's picture

Woow you are cool;)

Crazy4Cody11's picture

I love you so much, you're amazing.

JoanaSimpson's picture

Love this photo ... And your Ray Ban's to, i want some to but here in Portugal they are much more expensive than there... =(

143CodySimpson.... <3333's picture

I love him he is sooo cute.....

Ck-Ou-Dn-Y...143's picture

A perfect man.

Shaikha99's picture

I love it!

Brittany;)'s picture


kaseymccordd's picture

cute! black& white.

Allie katelyn's picture

i love it!!

Rebecca_10's picture

awesome pic!