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Waiting 4 U Tour

Waiting 4 U Tour
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Posted by Cody Simpson

On the tour bus!

Sights. Sounds. Simpson.
Average: 5 (3 votes)


aimeeleigh's picture

cody! you are so amazing. i'm 13 and im pretty sure every single girl in my school is so in love with you, i'm so proud to say i'm australian like you. i'm not just some crazed fan girl, i'm seriously your number one fan. you''ve inspired me so much, you taught me to dream big. you might not be as famous as justin bieber yet, but dont worry you'll get there, i know it. your gonna be big! i love you so much and i'm so excited for when i get to meet you on the 28th in sydney, i'm getting up at 6am, and catching a train there so i get in line first :) i hope you read this, and reply, you have no idea how much it will mean to me. it would mean the world to me, you have no idea. i cant think of anything in this world better! i love you so much cody,

hopedodds<3codysimpson.'s picture

arw this is lush!

fai'lovesimpson's picture

so cute :)

Cody's_Angel14's picture

so HOT!!!! cute pjs cody

GlowBear13's picture

love the laptop:)

FebyIsSimpsonizer's picture

whos that right next to him?

Tasja<3CodySimpson's picture


Eviee's picture

hahaha pajama party i see ;)

Dilla's picture

owww, always handsome.
I like it

mary15's picture

okay wait who are the once next to greyson

VeVe's picture

this is very cute

DoinCodyALLDAY's picture

Awwwwwwwwwww. If only I were sitting in the middle(;

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*Haley<3*143*'s picture

you guys look relaxed and comfy(: hehe

Starlightmoon99's picture

awwwww how cute!

lucia caceres's picture

te quiero

lucia caceres's picture

i love you

LilHaddy925's picture

HI COdy!

I love your eyes:)

It's so cool to see how close you and Greyson are. It's good to have such a good friend:D

143 Cody xoxoxo

- I love your songs and wanna meet you!

robertschelsea123's picture

cody ur so cute in ur pj's

florencewee98's picture

so cute!cool laptop u have,Cody!

Madison_22's picture

pajamas? lol. cutest thing ever! :3

lallumsi's picture

haha, so good picture...i just love u guys :D

mcluvscody's picture

This photo is so cute its amazing to know they are just regular people sometimes :)

SOCCERCHiCAsiMpOniZeR's picture

haha u guys look so down-to-earth i love you guys!!

SingingSensation<3's picture

omg so cute! i luv u guys!

SingingSensation<3's picture

My 2 new fave songs are On My Mind and Waiting Outside the Lines!!!!

TheCodySimpsonFan's picture

Ohmyyyy ö
I want to be that pants xd

codybaby_3's picture

hahah i went to it and cody sang to just me!

Larissa_4's picture

Awn que fofos *-* eu amo muito vocês, ainda mais o cody *-* ?

joy_3's picture

Cute :D