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NYC Photo Shoot

NYC Photo Shoot
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Check out this sneak peek of Cody's recent photo shoot in New York City!

Average: 5 (5 votes)


luv2sing_2's picture

HOT LUV U CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!143!!!!!!!!!!!!

lallumsi's picture

it's just so damn cute pic of him. Love u Cody

CodySimpsonizerIndonesia!♥'s picture

Ihiw :3

Jpicciola16's picture

i love this pic he is sooo cute ;P

BarbieBackCodysAngel's picture

OMG! love this pic!

sanalovescody's picture

The cutest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanalovescody's picture

The cutest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SimpsonSyndrome_9's picture

La la looooooooooove this. 143 ;)

Annisa Darmansyah's picture


Animeislife's picture

I can imagine a manga about him he would be one of the guys that have never ending sparkles surrounding himand make the girls heart go babump's picture

this is so cutee;)

Thecodyfans's picture

COOL! i love him :D

ellaaolsen's picture


A(:'s picture

Those pants *-*

dawnxkie's picture

OH MY ! !
I Love you ! !

Leila mansour's picture


sil_123's picture

soo amazing!!! 143 cody!

IloveSimpsonXo's picture

I think codys jeans and shoes look amazing i want them !!!! xx

TheMoeySimpson's picture

I think I just died... I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Cody. :)

CodyLover<3's picture

Cute =) ? U cody

MOONLiGHT.o3's picture

you're one of a kind! i love you cody !

Guineeh Lopez's picture

SO cutee! =)) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. ?

lari_up's picture

Cody lindo , vem logo pro Brasil

Dilla's picture

I like this picture.

Am5y's picture

Love the picture.. This is gonna be my new background for a while !

Youre the cutest boy in the world Cody! Youre gorgeous, and I cant stop smiling looking at ya.. Omg.. Srsly.. Youre the best!!

TheFafiiSimpson's picture

i love this photo because Cody look so H-O-T-!

Lady.ClaudySimpson's picture

i always say that he's sexy xD

Sam143's picture

perfect loove your pause my angel

hiromi's picture

aww;) you are soooooo cool!!

Cody11's picture

wow!! :))))))))))))))