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Dozens of fans waiting to enter First Avenue in Minneapolis

Dozens of fans waiting to enter First Avenue in Mi...
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Posted by Cody's Webcrew
Simpson Saturday
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cs1210's picture

Must be a splendid feeling, eh.? =D

simpsonlove_3's picture

so this is adorable.

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love_cody-4ever's picture

So many you Cody

Mrs.Simpson_14's picture

nice jacket n wow crazy fans but i wouldnt judge i bet i would do da same thing lol

tracybaby's picture

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soccerchic97's picture

Cool jacket! wow is that a mom in the window?!?!

LoveSoStrong's picture

You look great here !! ? This blouse is Bitchin !!! ? Love U .

ILYCody a.k.a Kayla :)'s picture

ily cody!! u look soo good in a beanie :)

lover2day4ever's picture

super sweet 143!!

Katrinlovecodysimpson's picture

you are so sweet i love you so much

ilovecody13r's picture

omg hees ssooo HHHOOOOOTT!!!!!!! ;)

Haley_4's picture

he is so gorg.

kristasimpson's picture

hes a cutieee :)

riana's picture

yo look at the crazy fans behind the window. his gonna go cokco

CrazeeForCody143's picture

Look at the crazy fans behind the window. They're going CRAZY LOCO!

Cody_greysonluver14's picture

143 cody!!! i've got simpson syndrom!!!~*~*????????~*~*

CodyandLeiaSimpson<3's picture

you cutie

codylover143_43's picture

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ItsAbbeyP's picture

Precious !

Nurul Simpson's picture

cute :)

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jennifersimpson30's picture

wow! :o

La-ongdow2220's picture

A lot of fans.

kellsea's picture

he looks hot lol

Jessica Bernadeth's picture

hahaha i like this pict :) I love you Cody ?

CoDyAnGeL_2's picture

nice...he's like.."oh,man!.."

codyfan#1_3's picture

i would be screaming my lungs out for Cody

thatcodykid's picture

cody's loving the attention :D 143

ThatsSoSarah13's picture

They seem pretty happy :L