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Claim Your Prize

Claim Your Prize
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Posted by Cody Simpson

Photo courtesy of @J14Magazine.

Sights. Sounds. Simpson.
Average: 5 (2 votes)


codysimpson#1fan_9's picture

hmmmmmmmm maybe i want the.... nahhhh i want the raccoon.... nahhhh hey wait WHATS THT OMG ITS A RED SHARK OOOOOOO I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK CODY LOVE YA I WOULD PICK U OVER ANY RED SHARK OOOOOO WAIT IS THT A TURTLE I WANT THT IN STEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK PLEASE COME TO THE NEW YORK STATE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwi0226's picture

How did you even get in there??????

Kiwi0226's picture

I want the shark.

JK. I want the blonde kid in the back under the raccoon.

codysimpsonlover11996's picture

OMG i want that one in the back rite there! im goin to take it home!!!!!!!!!! LOL ;) i would spend all my money for that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gracey98's picture

Omgee no wayy.... I totally want the blondey in the back wearin blackk hehe

melissalovescodyforever♥'s picture

I Would Love That Cody Simpson Hottie In The Back ;D and if possible a turtle also!:)

LaneyluvsCody's picture

i think i want........... hmmmmm i don't know. this is a hard decision. but i think I'll take...........the extremely hot blonde in the back. :)

Kendra<3's picture

The machine is called Big Prizes for a reason!!! haha

Alley's picture

haha lol naw i so wana do that...sit amongst all those stuffed toys lol. if we could pick a prize, does that mean we would get 2 pick cody? lol love him

82musicluver's picture

lol if I saw that, I'd walk by, glance in the machine for no reason (I seriously always do that), walk past, then back up like 10 seconds later and stick my face up to the glass like "NO FREAKING WAY"

82musicluver's picture

Mom: Sweety, that's Cody Simpson...
Me: NO! Not THAT one! See the raccoon behind Cody? Yeah. THAT one!

haha jk

AnaLuffzU22's picture


codysimpsonismyfavsinger's picture

seriosly how did he get in tjhere

KATIE SIMPSON_2's picture

is he actually in the machine!? COOLIO!!!

Mrs.CodySimpson♥'s picture

hummmm so much to choose from oooooo i know i want the hot aussie! yeah thats what i want

Taylor Renee:).'s picture

I dont think that clamp thingg can pick up what I want out that thingg! Maybe I will just gett the red sharkk! nahh.I will just climb in that thingg! I wonder how he got in there?lol

ILYCody a.k.a Kayla :)'s picture

thats a tough one. i mean that basketball bear in blue looks pretty amazing, and that hot guy in the corner's even better...hhmmmmm...decisions, decisions ;)

brat 143's picture

what the ?'')?'')?'')

ilovecody13r's picture

I would like the boy in the corner playing with the ball but wouldn't the claws hurt to grab Cody i would climb in because it looks like fun i love you Cody Simpson

Mrs. Cody Simpson's picture

I would like that boy over there. Wait.... that's Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Cody, please read my profile! Hey, he's at David Busters! Hey Cody, can you please perform at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you!!!!!!!!!!!! I Luv U Cody. :P

dnclements's picture

hmm either the shark in the corner or that cute bear. hmmm or maybe that cute guy ;) haha cody your looking pretty hot back there. want some company?!?

CodysSoulMate's picture

i will spend all my life savings just to win u cody.... hahahahahahahahahaha jk im broke :(

Kyla Hornung's picture

hmmmmm........I pick......... Cody!!! I will try forever to get him as my prize!!

LaneyluvsCody's picture

I pick......... CODY of course!

*lexi*'s picture

I want the stuffed raccoon behind cody :] lol

lover2day4ever's picture

ummmm....i pick CODY!!!!! (duh) lol jk

omgitsme's picture

ill try to get you for my prize. but i can't because the claw will grab you and it will hurt. i wanna go imside with you ;)

Singer ♫'s picture

i've alwayz wondered how itd feel 2 b da one inside...

iz475's picture

he probably was so mad at the claw machine cause he couldnt even get a stuffed animal so he probably climbed into it no fair heeeee cheeeaaattteddddddd he so lucky hes a pop star =[

saylisochilled007's picture

wonder how he even got in there in the first place? prob, climbed in from the prize claim box? o: well w.e. idc really how he got in there(if he is even in there) :) 0_o