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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA
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Posted by Crazy4Cody_51

Cody with Ariana Grande, taken with Cody's iPhone.

Waiting 4 U Tour
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AngelinParadise143's picture

Cody and Ariana are both my idols! I look up to both of them! I want to dye my hair red like Ariana's because she is my idol but my parents wont let me. But I got this washable hair dye stuff so I can have red hair whenever I want and it washes out after!! It works for me! Love you Ariana and Cody!! :) <3

NotJustYouILYCody's picture

Aww. My 2 favorite :)

gaby12drm's picture

So cutte

Sydney_26's picture

my name is Sydney and i live in indianapolis and i would like to meat you if i can

Ceren Merdol's picture

eyes :D

diora's picture

nice pics cody just luving them!!

143CodyLover413's picture

OMG! I looovvveee this picture! They're my favorite 2 people EVER (Besides my family :P) Seriously! A picture of them together is just...Yay :D

Sam_2's picture

2 of my favorite people! but of course cody is still my first favorite :) love you cody! love you ariana!

tracybaby's picture

My name is Tracy i saw your profil today in this site and admire it,therefore i would like you to contact me back throug my email address thus:( will tell you more about myself and also send you my photo as soon as you contact me back.Thanks and God bless you(

OhMySimpson's picture

i love her! i love him! i love this! (:

ohsnapitzkaykay's picture

:O ARIANAA! love that chick. =P

Mary Katherine Waters's picture

Good picture!

Cody&#039;s_Lil&#039;_Princess!!143's picture

i love these two people more than anything. she is my fav actress and he is my fav singer!!!!!!!!! love you guys!

Maddi_3's picture

i know ari and she is so nice and so cute! they both are!!

ilovecoady's picture

omg shes awesome and gourgous !!

lovejk2011's picture

i love that chick! she is sooo pretty! i love cody too(:

ilovecodysimpson16_2's picture

Ariana is soo gorgeous, & so is cody (;

The_Perfect_Girl's picture

u,u Laa Envidio ¬ u,u iwal te Amoo Mii chico Perfecto?

KatrinaWest's picture

ahhh ariana is amazingly gorgeous! and cody looks adorable! xx

SimpsonSyndrome_9's picture

Ariana is sooo gorgeous! and she has a beautiful voice. :)

Christina_10's picture

wait... cody... how tall are you?!? geez! she looks so short but i love ariana

CodySimpsonsSoulmate's picture

I love Ariana!

MOONLiGHT.o3's picture

the eyes! :))

Kley's picture

luvin the eyes ;)

Blithe's picture

Wow! Arian is So Small! I coudnt Believe how tall is Cody! WOW!~ O_O

Sam143's picture

oooooh ariana is really a cat !!! haha

kaitlynl423's picture

she looks tiny compared to cody ahha. ( :

cristal_2's picture

gosh u both look like a vimpires with red eyes