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Cody Simpson in M Magazine Page 3

Cody Simpson in M Magazine Page 3
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Posted by Cody's Webcrew
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Brittney_3's picture

I want to meet cody so bad! Cody if you are reading this i just want you to understand that i love your music i am your biggest fan! I hope that one day i can met you in person! I hope you can come to Flordia soon

Shyanna8547's picture

i love you cody

Love-cody-simpson_2's picture

I wish so hard i could meet you one day.
I would love to become your GF.

kristen 143<3's picture

I CAN SOOO be your right girl Cody. anybody in their right minds would want to be. I need to meet you! we like all of the same things. no joke.... js

FrenchGirl's picture

I WANT THIS MAGAZINE RIGHT NOW ... LOL ! Can U send it 2 me ?? haha LOL ! :D ;)

stephrawrz55's picture


QaQei Simpson's picture

143 cody simpson.
i love your songs

J'olie's picture

i want to be that girl 143 :) i luv u cody

ayssan khorrami's picture


Shyanna8547's picture

i could be your girl meet sometime

Pony!!!'s picture

aww...he's just so cute!!!

Samantha_20's picture

O: i want to meet u so bad u should come to austin

AshleytheSimpsonizer's picture

I would get tht Cody Crunch cereal :D but im in the united states not Australia.

CrazeeForCody143's picture

U will one day. U'll feel the spark. And u will eat ur favorite cereal together.

Sierrah Treadway loves you:)'s picture

Youll find the right one, one day:) That loves cereal as much as you do:)

Rachel_11's picture

cody ur perfect and i hope u fing the right girl!!!!!!!!!!!

AnOnYmOuSloVe44's picture

CODY!!!!!!11 im an anonymous lover of urs lol

rochellesimpson's picture

i know u probably wont read this cody.... but i think i am the right girl we like all the same things.. plzz give me a chance.....

_gilovecody's picture

Cody, you deserve the best girl in the world, because you delight us all with a simple gesture. In Brazil, we only want your happiness. Never forget that our true love is you. We love too Cody Robert Simpson .

codylover_52's picture

i won't to meet the right guy too!hopefully it's cody:p

Michelle<3CS's picture

I hope he would meet the right girl.....I wish it would be me, but that is not likely! I love that he likes a fun and sweet girl. I also think it is sweet that he loves a girl's eyes and smile :D

Sarah beach Kid's picture

CEREAL :D !!!!!

CamiJohnson143's picture

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you, been here all alone so why can't you see? You belong with me

Soccer<3's picture

Cody keep your heart open and you will find someone
who sees you as you not a a faker who just wants
money and fame and if u find one of those people sorry
their just creeps :)

woobyluver911's picture

I really hope you find the right girl Cody. :) :D You soo deserve the right girl!!

Rachel_11's picture

Cody is the best sooo he deserves the perfect girl!!!!!!!!! 143 Cody

CamiJohnson143's picture

If you find the right girl, good for you, and I'll happy for it. You're my everything

Colleen Renee's picture

Cody I hope that you meet the right girl someday(: and when you do she'll be the luckiest girl in the world!!(:

Hannah Broz's picture

since people are saying where u should have a concert i will 2 how about alabama in the south u would love us country folks haha im just kiddin:) hope u read this!

Hannah Broz's picture

wow whoever that girl is that he finds she is pretty dang lucky:)