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cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great tim...
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Posted by Cody Simpson

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

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Morgyn's picture


aleigha_loves_cody_simpson's picture

you look so cute:)

Alexia Campbell's picture

i wish i was the freezer

Chelsea_143_codySimpson's picture

:) your soo hottt

Thelolprincess's picture

ur hot than my boyfriend. lol

LoveCodyGreyson143's picture

That's one lucky freezer! I love you Cody :) Oh, and..... why are you not wearing a shirt?

codyluver98's picture

very hot!!!

natalie simpson's picture

cute/hot !!! :)

Peggy O'Neill's picture

hahaha thats so funny.

rachelsimpsonizer's picture


cody;simpson;lover<3's picture

haha; thats a tad cute

Ilovejakethrupp96's picture

'nothingsaid' :) :) :)

Ivyclarkee's picture

My boyfriend is so cute.

bcbonnie's picture

haha funny thats really cute too

epicnessinmusic's picture

:D He is so cute!

Marissa4cody's picture

haha thats so funny and sexy

simpson-syndrom<3's picture

mmm... sexxy :)

Kate_6's picture

loool, cody is sexy! xD haha

Codyslittledancingangel's picture

You look so cute !!!! love this pic and i love the one in it !!!

i luv Cody Simpson's picture

hahaha :D

Tania Rizkyani's picture

hahahaaa LOL and very funny
love you cody =D

shizumi's picture

HOW CAN HE FIT IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ

gelinelf's picture

Haha. Can't wait 2 meet u someday. But I doubt it, with all ur fans.

Bigmacbananabells's picture

so buff! dying of hottnes

missesSimpson's picture


codylover143_13's picture

cant wait to meet u someday.....u know id love a coke right about now =D
love u cody

codylover143_13's picture

lol sooo funny love u cody

codys girl_4's picture

lol u are soo funny!! what a goof ball!! lol 143 i love you

molly14's picture

jou ar funny

Lucia Simpson's picture

CODY, sweet, funny, adorable, Austrailian, musician, cute, SIMPSON