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cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great tim...
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Posted by Cody Simpson

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

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Average: 5 (5 votes)


Beckyluvcodysimpson's picture

Boy u r some kid! u r sooo crazy u know tht? 143 love ya!

madison schimmelman's picture

u r a crazy kid!!!!!! 143!!!

StormyMac143's picture

O CODY!!! u r so crazy !!!!143 Cody!!!

teo.cody's picture

haha watta kid

Mackenzie_SkinnerO_0's picture

brrrrrr it looks cold in their .....

mizzcutie15's picture


Marissa4cody's picture

he is hot and cold haha im gonna do that somtime

HannahBurgessSimpson's picture

that's so funny lol he's so hawt

Vannah's picture

HAHA! :)

Paola's picture

Cody are you crazy hahaha ?

emily143_4's picture

hahaaha omg i so wantr to go to his concert again 143 cody

codys#1girl!!!'s picture

OMG thats so funny but i still say he is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

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iSwagLikeCody's picture

hahah cody coke xd i would pay anyting o ge it out and dink !

bdonahue's picture

i woulod pay any price to see him again...:)

ClaireB's picture

enjoy new cody simpson coca-cola for only a price that is so high you will have a heart attack if you hear it becuz hes so amazing! get yours at a store near you! jk lol

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bri+cody's picture

lol 143 cody

JJUNEE's picture

CODY Coca Cola : D

CodyLoverForever♥'s picture

awheee ill come rescue you. and make youu warm again. ;)

*ilovecody*'s picture

im crazy for cody

simpsonizer101_2's picture

woooowwwwwwwwwwwww sooo hot especially with his shirt off like that

sheepysheep143's picture


Emily:]'s picture

cody i love you! your so silly in a good way

Simps0nSyndr0m3's picture

@codysimpson is a hella of a guy you know i got a thing for aussie guys. blonde hair swept back with fans on his side. loyal to friends no matter what they decide he's so cute, so so so cute. I'd love him to follow me if only he would

halo101cutie's picture

love him.

chelsea143cody's picture

omg i was at the concert cody was amazing!!!! i only when for him!!!!!!!!!!

Catarinaaaa's picture

Come to portugal