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cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great tim...
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Posted by Cody Simpson

cooling down from my show in New Jersey. great times. and cold, cold times..

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Average: 5 (5 votes)


JenLovesCodyRobertSimpson143's picture

Still hot, even in a freezer. Look at those muscles 143

PamelalovesCody's picture

did you know i'm a cocacola adict?

withlovekyra's picture

Come back to jerseyyyyyy!

claireeberle14's picture

new jersey is the place to be. come back anytime.

Mish's picture


Codyyy's picture

ill have a piece of that.

341nospmisydocevoli's picture

your still hot. AND YOUR IN A FREEZER.

mrscodysimpson_5's picture

OMG!!! SO FLIPPIN SEXYY!!! :) 143 CODY!!!!! ;)

alexandra.simpson's picture

but ... what do you do in this cooler coca?

341nospmisydocevoli's picture


Nicola Tutschek's picture

i was at that concert and it was pretty hot out there

lallumsi's picture

Cody Simpson, ur like so damn smexy

soccergurl's picture

tht iz like soooooooooooo hot but then again cool luv u cody

Kendra Simpson <3's picture

(: Hahaha! I lovee this(:

Jennifer Brennan's picture

He looks so hot doing anything
he's hot even when he's cold ???
Only cody simpson good do that xxxxx
143 cody

Lucyhw's picture

so hot and so cool!!!!

mandysimpson123's picture

hot and funny

codysimpsonlover_61's picture

hotness. k so do you have abs or something cuz im dieing over here!!! COME TO D.C./MD!!!! i love you cods(codes)

J'olie's picture

hot and crazy lol jk

SimpsonSyndrom43's picture

Looking hot while cooling down(: He always finds a way...??!

AndreaHileman's picture

you must be cold in there...

BrittanyG's picture

oh wow!!! now that's how to cool down after a show!! :)


he is soo hot! without a shirt

selena bravo's picture

LOL ! How cute Cody !!!:D

codyforever_2's picture

waw u must be hot and cold!!!!

CODY143simpson_6's picture


Ali .J's picture

ha ha i sit in them all the time!!!! lol :D

angela_6's picture

ha ha thats cool my uncle has one of those

SoChazette's picture

haha that's so funny! hot and cold at the same time...

Cali'sCrazy4Cody's picture

Crazy Cody ;D