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thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support my event with @lovepastry last night at the L...

thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support...
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Posted by Cody Simpson

thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support my event with @lovepastry last night at the L...

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lexifragola's picture

yes ! i agree with @Mrs.Simpson143 - come to connecticut !

caitlin_3's picture

this so cool i see my friend in that pic

Mrs.Simpson143_3's picture

You should go to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut!!! I love you!

CODY'FEVER's picture

Damm Yuuhheee Souldd Comee Too The Bay Area!! :) ;)

Cody-Fans178's picture

Wow thats a lot of people wish i could see you hope your going to come to England :)

Sarah<3'sCody's picture

can't wait till the 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jessipromise's picture

Snap! I was there! And i can see my self AHHHHHHHHHH

Vickyandcody's picture

Too many people!

10snow's picture

it sucks i wasnt there

Alexandria143cody's picture

vishallamaharaj I know what you mean! I get butterflies just thinking about him! I saw him in Tucson and he went around railings to touch everyone's hands so when he came to me I was so happy that all I could do was smile! I stopped breathing until I realized that actually happened! then I freaked out and couldnt stop smiling all day! lol;D

Chelsea Adams's picture

I cant wait to meet cody on the 28th at my mall! :)

VishallaMaharaj's picture

NOTICE READ THIS RIGHT NOW SEE IF U CAN RELATE ===>is it wrong tht everytime i see cody i feel butterflies???haha i dunno bt its awkward cuz he was on tv some time this week n i was in the bathroom then my sis shouted VEEE (thts my nickname)cody simpson...she didnt get a chance to finish and i was like OMG! i ran out of the bathroom(with my clothes on:P)n was like there in 5 secs screaming OMG haha!its wierd cuz he was on tv..its not like he was actually here in person..then i might faint!lol.wat would u guys do if u saw cody in real :) ?

codylover143_13's picture

i look like those crying girls everynight!

Daijah Simpson's picture

haha nice pic.! nd even i wish i was there i dnt hve to wish because i will bee seeinq him 8/27 SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol im qoinq to bee seeinq him at the U.S. OPEN lmao.....

Arizona Surfer's picture

HAha that mall cop has a funny hat! :)

christina dipiero's picture

oh my gosh! i wish i could have gone but unfortunetlly my grandmother died so i had to stay home so i could go to the funeral!!!! i couldnt get tix anyways... love you cody!

143467 simpsonnizer forever's picture

wow I badly wanna see him when he comes to Indiana but he should also vistot Glenbrook square mall when he comes cause then I might have a chance to go :) but no parents would always ignore me this is like my biggest dream but I think my parents could care less about them:( wish they would though..

1DreamMeetCody's picture

as I would have been there! But no, I'm from Uruguay and you happen to visit us!

scfever11's picture

please follow me on twitter im cody1435

bcbonnie's picture

thats a mall!!!!!!!
thats crazy and crowded!!!!

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miss-pretty-eyes's picture

OMG! That sure is a packed mall. Is it a mall?