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2011 Nickelodeon Australia Kids' Choice Awards

2011 Nickelodeon Australia Kids' Choice Award...
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Posted by Cody's Webcrew

Photo Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment

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Bree143Cody's picture

handsome beyond belief!!!!

haley 14's picture

ahhhhh i wish i was right beside you

KarleeSimpson<3's picture

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angel033's picture

This is so cute love it

blueflower's picture

WHY you guys are OBSESSED with him OMG ?

ANGEL143_6's picture

LOVE it!!!!!! ;) 143

Brittany:)'s picture


*i-love-cody he is the best*'s picture

Cody Simpson's middle name is Robert!!!
LUV ya cody!! 143:)

Cheryl Simpson's picture

good dresser and hot

Nikki Rivera's picture

peep the stripe pants no boy would have the courage dat u have love u

guitargurl143_2's picture

Stripes. Only Cody could rock those! Just like he rocked red, white, and blue shoes for extreme home makeover. :D haha.

Nikki_34's picture

His pants are the last thing that interests me :P

i love you cody ! kirsten's picture

that's a nice picture
i love you more than you think

Carolina_13's picture

You are sexy $:

CourtneyNicoleK.'s picture

swagiiiinn' ouuuut.

MadnessLuvsCody143's picture

wuv the pantz

Lillo Rillo's picture

cool pants

CodySimpsonfan11's picture

You have swag for sure. *wink* 143 Cody Simpson. :)

Simpsonchick14's picture

Im in heaven because im looking at an ANGEL.. Cody has BEAUTIFUL eyes

HAILER 143's picture

OMS is right HE IS HOT

courtney_loves_cody's picture

Cody Robert Simpson has ALOT OF S.W.A.G ;) OMS= O My Simpson :) haha :) 143 -courtney the angel!!!

codylover143_13's picture

i voted! i would love to see u win AGAIN!!!!

v.varallo's picture

looking goood ;)

codylover4eva<3's picture

u r soooo hot....u deff got style :D

Nicole_13's picture

SUPER DUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!! :D thumps if u agree

xoxosimpson's picture


tiarne.s143's picture

Lovin' the accessories and stripy pants well everything really. You look amazing as always. :)

codyfan2's picture

Amazing photo! Cody you are amazing!

codylove_2's picture

143 forever! we all knew u could do it! i prayed for u a million times!