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BACKSTAGE #3: The Fans

BACKSTAGE #3: The Fans

Average: 4.8 (66 votes)
Posted by: Crazy4Cody_51

#3 in the Backstage Series of Cody. Stay tuned to watch his journey as an artist. Join the ride!

#3 in the Backstage Series of Cody. Stay tuned to watch his...

Personally Cody
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on November 05, 2010
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#3 in the Backstage Series of Cody. Stay tuned to watch his journey as an artist. Join the ride!

Average: 4.8 (66 votes)


shmanda143's picture

holy canoli cody doing push ups!!

LoveLoveGirl01's picture

this girl is kind of weird,thats what what my brother and i think

MyAngel143's picture

Go back to Australia and get your accent back! I love your accent!!! I was so sad when I heard you were losing your accent... D:

Simpsonizer72's picture

He is the bestest singer in the world i love him with all my heart

Carma143Simpson's picture

Love him!!! 143CRS

Neesha's picture

i belive in you Cody

Ilovecodythemost's picture

iloveyousomuch. Your such an inspiration.

143CoDy_11's picture

Cody if u do read these i really want u to know tht these videos changed who i wanted to be!! but now i am writing songs and singing and u just made me finally relize who i want to be !! but you showed me tht u have to work really hard at it and try and practice makes perfect and u wont know untill u try!!! thank you and love u!! peace,love, and MUSIC!!! ;)

J_Mei143's picture

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That celeb will either meet you or make you famous one day!

SabrinaLabonne's picture

I like the acoustic version more than the normal version :D

CodesAngel's picture

OMG i saw this on youtube and I was crying of happy tears cuz I remember when he was beginning and then til from how he's come to, btw has anyone noticed his accent is going away from him? He needs to go back to Australia!

Ringchick15's picture


kaitlin.williams's picture

CODY!!!!!!!! i love your accent!!

brookez's picture

you are a awsome singer.

Meg & Ebg:)'s picture

yaya no lady its iyiyi

xXxcody143codyxXx's picture

143!!!!! come to canada !!

Wajiha's picture

This video was ok but I think the first one was way better

aShLeY sImPsOn's picture

love his accent!

Amanda_8's picture

its ok i would have definitly been scared to!:)

Rasim_Russia's picture

I'm from Russia

Rasim_Russia's picture

I from Russia

Ella Simpson's picture

cody simpson rocks

Gymnasticsgirl918's picture

his accent is beautiful:0 i love cody

lucyandcody123's picture


NYAngel143's picture

His accent is ADORABLE. when they sing "One" its so sweet hey and if u guys want to support Cody go to my new fansite:

soccersamy's picture

i love his accent. i love his songs. i love Cody Simpson

jennythepanda's picture

omq i guess im in love xD

KATIE SIMPSON_2's picture

some people might not know you but this canadian girl does
143 :D

Ashley_20's picture

OMG i lovee his accent!!

ilovetoparty123's picture

cody simpson is so cool