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on December 04, 2010


Every Saturday now through Dec. 21, we'll be revealing new music off Cody's 4 U EP! Check out this preview of "All Day" — what do you guys think??


megan13<3cs's picture

i love this song!!!!!
Natalie143x0x's picture

ALL DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DanielleStoutO.o's picture

I'm going to be singing this all day! Hahaha I could see us on top Cody. ;P 1-4-3
Sokenzie's picture

love this song!
Natalie143x0x's picture

same here ae!!!!!
til1602's picture

When is the next one coming out???? I love all day but I want to hear the next one
Natalie143x0x's picture

I duno ae Im stil waiting for the next song!!!!!
Codyyluverr's picture


Looooovveee this song its amazing!!!!
AlexLyndaWookey's picture

I'm up and waiting it's like 11pm where I am. What time does it come up?
Natalie143x0x's picture

KK Im up and waiting for his new song....
JULES <3's picture

every new song gets better! 143 :)
feline x's picture

oooh, the song is soooo beautiful i really lova ya 143
Julia<3_3's picture

omg i looove this song!!! :D i love ya Cody! 143 forever:)
firman anugrah's picture

i luve very much this new song... the best among the best lol +_+
lazysparkle's picture

PLEASE Come to Strathmore in Bethesda,Maryland!!Great Stage, Great fans Ages 9-20! Everyone in Maryland thinks your so hot!!! and last but not least we think you have the MOST AMAZING voice for a 13 year old! Luv ya, your #1 fan
Marion's picture

I like 143
katiebug_4's picture

Natalie143x0x's picture

PLEASE COME TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!!! 143 xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Natalie143x0x's picture

yay tommorw will b mre!
Natalie143x0x's picture

very cute song!cnt wait til I can buy it!!
Natalie143x0x's picture

Hes sooooooooo singing bwt me!!!!LOL(i wish) love u cody!!!! 143 xoxoxox
Anabel Issa's picture

Wow ! I love it ! I hope that I will meet you one day ! :) I have too much to tell you! PS: At school, there's a boy with the same face as you!! Haha! Well, come in Montréal, Canada! I wanna have meet & great with you ! :)
angelz143's picture

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you sure that i can't buy it now??????
fanny_3's picture

fabulous song! *
autumn101's picture

This is such a great song^.^ I'm gonna listen to it "All Day," its amazing!! I cant wait til the next song comes out^.^
bswizzle's picture

wow he sounds sooo grown up!! :) and cute!!! amazing song! awesome beat
ariyonna's picture

omg i love it love it wow:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 143 i love cody
ILOVECODY<3_13's picture

awesome song i love it !!!!!! :) :)
JBetCS-fan's picture

I Love This New Song !!