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SIMPSON SATURDAY: Studio Sessions with Cody [Video]

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on November 26, 2011

Check out a sneak peek of Cody working in the studio on his first full length album in the exclusive clip below for Simpson Saturday! Are you excited for Cody's first full length album?! Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget, Cody's "Coast to Coast" EP is available NOW on iTunes HERE!


becki robbins's picture

I have watched this video over a hundred times, and I haven't seen it enough to get bored. Keep writing music cody
surfergirl1127's picture

i love this song soooo much!!! your voice is soo pretty <3 143
curdy-iz's picture

wow! i love that song! and his voice so amazing! :D
greengirl2002's picture

we love your voice we call ourslese mrs simpson your biggest fans joey stevie and briana and zoey
cody simpsons little angel's picture

simpsonmusicfan's picture

Coast to Coast is my favorite album!
codysimpson97's picture

i just keep going back to this video when im bored! its sooooo good and i cant wait!!!!!!! favorite song!!!
codysimpson97's picture

Go ceramic chicken!
codysimpson97's picture

holy cow your just so amazing i cant stand it!!!
Tegan Ellis (:'s picture

Why are you so good!!!!?? :D xxx
codysimpson97's picture

i have pressed replay about 100 times now
codysimpson97's picture

AHHHHHHH im gonna cry!!!! ahahahahahahahah!!!! i looooooove it love it !!!! new favorite song even though ive never heard the whole thing and i dont know what its called buti love it!!!
codysimpson97's picture

I looooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song!!!!!!!!!!!! like this could be me favorite cody song ever!!!!! please release it soon as a single!
Bree143Cody's picture

OMG Cody you look so adorable and i love the song and i have it memorized all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 143 Cody forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1codysimpsonlover's picture

Brianna143_4's picture

OMG when he was drinking then looked directly at the camera i nearly fell off my chair!! man cody you looked adorable
Lucyhw's picture

my fingers hurt from clicking replay that many times!!! I love this song!! XP
Lucyhw's picture

LOL I luv the ending but i also luv the song!!!
KateBeagle's picture

OMG i memorized the song!!! superrrrrr excited!!!!!! I LOVE U CODY!!!!! Ceramic chicken is soooooo cute!!!!!!!
Alexandria143cody's picture

I'm SUPER EXCITED for the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the song:)
CodySimpsonizer143's picture

TayTay143's picture

I thought it was over, then i saw the ceramic chicken and i was LONG LIVE CERAMIC CHICKEN!! (: Cant wait 4 the album 2 come out.. I wish it was here now!!!!! Hahaha (: (: (: (:
suzmar99 - 143's picture

love the song
@prasemprecody's picture

I can't wait for the album!!! New songs, singles... Very excited! You have no idea how much we love you, Cody... And thanks for doing everything for us...
love 4 cody's picture

luv it
NYAngel143's picture

GO CERAMIC CHICKN (; Hi angels! Come support Cody and help spread around this fansite!
CodySimsponfan#1's picture

I abousley love it! My Sister and I can't wait for it! I hope all of you have an amazing Thanksgiivng!
minkmink's picture

I really like it. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:
Minnie143;)'s picture

sounds amazing wow is that a rooster at the end
codyslover96's picture

OMMMG! i wannna hearr moree! i lovee yoou cody!