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Cody Gives The 411 On His Doll [Video]

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on December 12, 2011

GlobalGrind caught up with Cody while he was in NYC this past week celebrating the Toys"R"Us release of his doppelganger doll. Sharon Carpenter was at the center of it all as she sat down with the Cody, showing off the miniature plastic version of himself. Check out the interview below!


number1angel's picture

now im pretty sure that hes not dating kylie jenner and everyone should quit bugging him about it
omgitsme's picture

ohhhh nice gloves!i want them!! :D
omgitsme's picture

I love his tiny laugh at 1:03 so cute hes just like "heh" ;)
CodyLuver143_16's picture

I want your doll
CodyLuver143_16's picture

1. say your favorite celeb's name 10 times 2. say your name 10 times 3. say your name once, then your favorite celeb's name once 4. post this on 5 other posts That celeb will either meet you or make you fanous one day
Brianna143_4's picture

swagged out 12inch thing lol very cute picture above as well
Taih_CodySimpson's picture

LOOOOOL... He is so beautiful, so beautiful... Oooooooooooh, soo beautiful ! ?_? - I'm in love with him !!!!!!!
Alexandria143cody's picture

hahahaha 12 inch thing!! it's got shades and everything =D!!! So him and kylie aren't going out? im relieved!!!!!!
ggluvsCRS!'s picture

LOL that is sooooooooooooooo funny the little 12 inch thing its got shades and everything I love aussie swagg
CodyLuva143_3's picture

if you really want warm weather come to Louisiana!! lol
CodyLuva143_3's picture

"Yes a lil swagged out 12 inch thing" haha
CodyLuva143_3's picture

"there goes the doll!!" lol i REALY want this!!! xD
Emma Simpson143's picture

He is so hot!!!!!!!!!:)
Iam Cody's Angel's picture

I love when the doll fell down in the end it was soo funny.hahaha luv u cody
kristasimpson's picture

yes,that is a swagged out little 12 inch thing ;) haha your cute! "i wouldnt really have the time to give her what she deserves" thats so sweet,thats a #realgentleman... honestly,if you dated kylie, ofcourse i'd be jealous,who wouldnt!.. but yous woud be cute,as long as your happy,im happy
Lorainee's picture

i wass theree ! :DD
lilnic825's picture

I was there! It was the most amazing day ever! I'm the girl with him at 0:46! :) He was so nice and sweet
JennLich's picture

I want Cody Simpson Doll! But my problem is that i live in Argentina. Is also in sale here?
JennLich's picture

I want Cody Simpson Doll! But my problem is that i live in Argentina. Is also in sale here?
omgitsme's picture

i want a swagged out 12 inch thing!! :) getting it for christmas
Claire_19's picture

"It's like a little swagged out 12 inch thing" That made me laugh ridiculously hard :) Love you!!!
sydneyt1999's picture

its also funny the doll like hit cody on the arm and hes like whoa what just happened! ha ha
sydneyt1999's picture

i love at the end when the doll falls cody goes to pick it up and he doesnt make someone else get it
poppy159951's picture

"it's like a little swagged out 12" thing" HA HA I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! "warm weather" ha ha....... here in TX we have plenty of "warm weather" :D love ya Cody!!!!
Ashlee Roskom's picture

swaged out little 12 inch thing...made me laugh :)
Allison_16's picture

He is sooo genuine! I love how he isnt a man he is a GENTLEman! :)
Lucia Simpson's picture

SO SWEET!!!!! awwwwwwweeeesoooooome
codygirl27's picture

Cody: I wouldnt really have the time to give her..that she deserves.." AWWWW!!! Even tho that is super sad that he cant really have a girlfriend cuz of his lifestyle..that is super sweet!!!!! I Love u Cody! with or without a gf
Simpsonizer4Lfe's picture

Omg i already have a Cody Doll
Kari811's picture

i love those gloves... and him!!!