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Simpson Saturday: 'Angel' Music Video

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on December 17, 2011

Simpson Saturday came a little early this week when Cody premiered his new "Angel" video this morning on Twitter! The new video was directed by Cody himself and @ItsMattGraham! The clip was filmed in San Diego and you can download "Angel" off the "Coast to Coast" EP on iTunes HERE! Let us know what you think of Cody's "Angel" video in the comments below!


surfergirl1127's picture

oh my goodness you are beautiful :) <3
bymylaw's picture

As always look good! But need a little more wonderful smile! :D :)
codysimpsonforever143_2's picture

OMG!!!! I'm from san diego!
bubbleclare's picture

i know this is random but in a music video he shuld have a paper mustach :D
simpsonmusicfan's picture

This is the first video Cody Simpson was on his own.
Naomi McConville's picture

Love it! I think its so sweet, love the way your just having fun with it and directed it yourself:o
Arianna_8's picture

I love this song..! :Q_____
GracieElder's picture

This video is SO cute! I love IT!!!
Rainwater's picture

The video is great. But the scene of '' ANGEL'' on sand is a little bit quick.
MrsSimpson_19's picture

NEW SUMMER ANTHEM!!! SUMMER 2012!! HAHA im so remaking this when i get back don the shore this summer haha
Milaska_pav's picture

Bomb? ?
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Ally Edmonds's picture

Love the. Video
Tania4Cody143's picture

Really cute video.. Love you lots...
CodyLuva143_3's picture

@LUCYHW i think it's suposed to be like that!! haha cute! i LOVE it! 2:43 fave part!!! YOU are so FLYY!!!!!
codylover_96's picture

aww so cute :)
Lucyhw's picture

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 143 CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a few fingers at the top of the video watch at 1:36 and a few other points. but i still love it!!! CODY IS ACE AT GUITAR!!!!!
Dina_2's picture

i love this video alot
jessie4cody's picture

im sorry but that wasnt the best video clip! ):
Pony!!!'s picture

omg i keep replaying that part where he sqiggles his feet in the sand!!!
Tiffany Chen's picture

I love you Cody Robert Simpson~
kaylahiz143's picture

Jazz14's picture

swadhwaufkhdfadbhajahd OMG he's sooo freakin' hot I LOVE IT !!! :)))
rachel9903's picture

SO Hot.............................................. Can you be my christmas present???
Grace_143's picture

:) I love how there is a thumb print in th etop left corner! :D
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omg that was so amazing great job cody!! YOUR SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!! i love that song :)
Cody&#039;s_Lil&#039;_Princess!!143's picture

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Stayed up until midnight to watch it! It was completely worth it! Great job on this Cody!
naomie143's picture

so simple but so perfect :') I love how cody always stay humble & true to himself ! ?
CrazyKK12345's picture

You're so adorable! I love this video, and I LOVE you!