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Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]

Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]...

Average: 4.9 (128 votes)
Posted by: Cody's Webcrew
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on October 12, 2011
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Average: 4.9 (128 votes)


crazyforcsndjb's picture

ps. id never leave u

crazyforcsndjb's picture

im in love with you cody

miranda_13's picture

love you cody

cody143simpson_5's picture

I luv the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faby Bieber Simpson's picture


Stephanie_5's picture

ATTENTION ALL SIMPSONIZERS,my bff and i are making a surprise video for cody.Send me a pic or video saying happy b-day 2 him.Send it to me at, or my twitter stephsilva143 thanks :)

Nat_4's picture

Aww. . . I know the feeling :(

dangerousdaca's picture

Cody did an amazing job in all his new music!!(:
Love him!!!
If you ever need someone,Im here Cody!!

mariaserrano's picture

i hate it wen dey put girls older den him in his videos

Bree143Cody's picture

Cody i luv this video!!!!!!! 143 Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look soooo sad during the video i'll comfort you!!!!!!!!!!
Luv you so much Bree

KlaraBells's picture

how many times haven't i watch this? never get enough?

alexxisSimpson's picture

Darlin, I guess I made the wrong mistakes.

ximena simpson's picture

I am your fan # 01 Cody Simpson

Hopeiliciois's picture

I love Cody Simpson

Christine_8's picture

How did u do this Cody?

Brianna_30's picture

hi!! this is bri you did awesome!!!! keep it up love ya hope too see you again!!

Diana_21's picture

Hi,my name is Diana.I congratulate you ,sing very well.Continue so.

Diana_21's picture

Very sweet...:*:x

codysimpson4ever123's picture

ohmygoooddd, hes so sexc

giannac30's picture

awesome song cody!

Emily_97's picture

OMG i want to be her sooooooooooo bad!!!!!

Codylover_95's picture

I wish I was the girl!!!

maayandalvay97's picture

the girl look likes a gypsy a lil bit....nbd
but it's only when they're on that lovely beach :)

codysgirl 141414's picture

i wish i was that girl so cody could hold me. when r u coming to alabama plz reply to this. 143 cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tegan Ellis (:'s picture

I Love this Song and Video clip (: it would be better with me in it though...haha lol (: i would just love to meet you one day Cody, You seem so kind and sweet (:

evelin143's picture

Theres a lot of girls out there that are like " OH!!! IM THE FUTURE MRS. SIMPSON"
and im NOT ANYTHING like that. To be honest i rather be friends with him than be "Mrs. Simpson"
I love this music video although a lot of the times the background looks really fake.
144(: (i love cody)

Cool Kenz's picture

I love this song it is my favorite song! It is so romantic. I love you so much Cody!!

RachLuvsCody143's picture

I luv this song it is one of my fave songs on his new album!!!!!!!!! That vid is soooo awesome tooo!!!

jensen's picture

Uh, how old is that chick?

Nasrin Awliya's picture

love the song n the vdeo..!! :D