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Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]

Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]...

Average: 4.9 (128 votes)
Posted by: Cody's Webcrew
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on October 12, 2011
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Average: 4.9 (128 votes)


Yham0ur's picture

I wish I was that girl place

ilovecody_15's picture

omg i just love him i love you cody i love you i love you

Jordyn_Rachelle's picture

This song is amazing!!! :) luv ya!!!!

delfiicarrizo's picture

I really love this song
Cody: you're the best! love :)

shelby lewis's picture

<3 this song cody is my future bf yo

simpsonmusicfan's picture

This song is very emotional. The first sad song I have ever heard.

Claudia_15's picture


Hope_6's picture

I <3 this song:D

cody&#039;s angel_14's picture

i"m really love this song i wanna die when i listen to this song because the singer is so handsome,sweet,and,good

cody&#039;s angel_14's picture

OMG!!!!! i really love this song this is my favorite song 143 cody simpson

alicelovecody_2's picture

i love this song so much

brooklyn shirk's picture

i really love this song cody

friutparfait's picture

i love this song i went through this phase were i would constantly sing this:))

dnclements's picture

Hey guys! I'm making a fan video for Cody and I was wondering if you wanted to be in it! Tweet me at @SimpsonSwag and tell me if you want to be in it! Thanks :)

Dinalove's picture

i love this song. But i really really love 'All Day'. I wish i was every girl. xoxo take care Code Luv ur twitter follower Cass_Dina

dayanne zaime's picture

me gusta mucho esta cancion es genial

Joana :D's picture

Pretty cool song ;)

marylou's picture

coy i love that song i wish i could be the girl :)

Susie's picture

cody i love you sooo much...... so jealous of that gurl!!!! ;);) 143

gabby tran's picture


Codyluver1221's picture

ur soooooo cute!!!

Nikkie:D's picture

Normally i think singers & actors are jerks and are stuck up , But it seems like you really love your fans , Your a really good singer . Can't wait till you make more as good as this one or even better :D

srhsmith's picture

Where did your inspiration for this song come from?
~ by the way its amazing, but i'm curious where the inspiration for an amazing song like this comes from. :)

Ida&lt;3's picture

Omg i am jealus at that girl!!!!!!!!
I am your number one fan, i promise

ilovecodysimpson14_4's picture

HEY CODY!!! i love your songs "not just you"is my favorite song.i wish i could write songs like you i tried before but it didnt workout and i wish i could dance like you too but im a really bad dancer, like really bad.

codycrazy_13's picture

omg your so hot i love you cody!!!!

briana_12's picture

i love you cody

Cody&#039;s#1_2's picture

happy birthday cody!
im 13 almost 14 but am ur number one fan!

Tori Morgan's picture

ahhh! so amazingg! happy birthday cody!

Cote Moscoso Romero's picture

I love Cody