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Help Cody Take Home an Orange Blimp at the 2012 Nick Kids' Choice Awards!

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on February 25, 2012

Congrats to Cody on his 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards nomination for Favourite Aussie Superstar!  Voting is now open, so head over to and vote vote vote!

This years' awards will be hosted by superstar Will Smith and is sure to be the biggest event in slime time! Tune in to watch at the following times:

US - Saturday, March 31st at 8/7c pm
Australia - Sunday, April 1st at 6:30pm
New Zealand - Sunday, April 1st at 6:30pm

Let's help Cody take home an orange blimp this year - VOTE NOW!!


BrI@n@'s picture

I really want him to win i already voted like 70 times. i wish there was one for hottest he would probably win that one with no doubt. Well hopefully he wins. i mean i know he is going to win. Hahaha .143 Cody Simpson!!!!!:)
Molly_5's picture

awww i hope he won!!! lol unless he won in hotest
Hannah Reed's picture

yes yes i do
pinnappleRULES's picture

just kidding wat the hannah u reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love him though <3
Hannah Reed's picture

pinnapplerules is flo
Hannah Reed's picture

Flo wat the
pinnappleRULES's picture

pinnappleRULES's picture

who else thinks he is soo smexy he should win the blimp if he doesnt theres going to be trouble u hear me
Hannah Reed's picture

yo i lurv him so
pinnappleRULES's picture

yo peoples im in the housee
Hannah Reed's picture

who is cody's wife?
Hannah Reed's picture

He is smexy
Hannah Reed's picture

he is my hero
Hannah Reed's picture

My room is all about cody<3
Cody&#039;s Wife_2's picture

i just voted 143 times for Cody!!!!! totally worth it! go Cody!!!!!! 143
ana carolina's picture

I have more time with you. I'm sad .. I live here .. Brazil <3 :(
ana carolina's picture

I have more time with you. I'm sad .. I live here .. Brazil <3
cutestuff's picture

let cody win i have voted once but i am going to do it at least 10 times when i get home from school so cody will win... LETS KEEP ON VOTING CODY FANS
BrI@n@'s picture

Hopefully Cody wins!!! 143 Cody Simpson!!!:)
CodySimpsonLover1430's picture

iloveyou. Come on Simpsonizers lets help Cody win! <3 <3
AW's picture

I voted for you a bunch of times!!! YOU NEED TO WIN :D <333
7simpsonjonas7's picture

I voted for Cody like 5,000 times and more! I will do anything to support Cody!! :) 143 Cody!!
ALYSSA014's picture

i voted for cody.i luv cody<3
Mrs. Simpson's picture

OMG 143 voted for cody and justin so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CynthiaMorales143's picture

Just voted for cody like 20 times!!!!(: <3
KateBeagle's picture

omg if all angels vote ALOT and post the link EVERYWHERE cody will DEFINITLEY win!!!!!! LETS GO ANGELS
Bree Maree's picture

ive voted like 50 times and ill keep on going :)
Cody Simpson&#039;s Fans's picture

I'll VOTE!
UltimateSimpsonizer's picture

if every simpsonizer voted at least 5 times a day he would defiantly win
cassidysimpson's picture

you wanna know how many times i voted for you?? well i cant tell you cuz i lost track after 100;)