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Cody Sports Farrah Fawcett Tee-Shirt in Hollywood!

Cody's Webcrew's picture
on April 09, 2012

Cody was spotted at Katsuya in Hollywood sporting a Farrah Fawcett tee-shirt this past Thursday, April 5th! The Farrah Tee-Shirt Cody is wearing is available at Urban Outfitters, and a percentage of sales are donated to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. Their mission is to provide funding for the alternative methods of cancer research, clinical trials, prevention, and awareness. Visit for more info on the foundation.

Check out Cody in the Farrah Fawcett tee-shirt below, via Click HERE for more pics.


dmstee97's picture

nice shirt love it <3
benjaminsunny's picture

So cool and handsome, love you simpson.
skendall13442's picture

sexy and hot. I love you Cody Simpson!!!!!!! I love Cody Simpson more then Justin Bieber....
CSAllDay's picture

I LOVE YOU CODY SIMPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
mb1999@australia's picture

lol love it
friutparfait's picture

lol love it.
vicci143's picture

awww co cute cody! <3
CodysGirl143_4's picture

So cute!!!!!!!!!!