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Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort
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Posted by Cody's Webcrew

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Resort

Average: 5 (22 votes)


andamariano's picture

i wish i'am the dolphin <3 hhahahaha

perfect's picture

you look like a good kisser!!!! lol but no lie you do!

perfect's picture

awww this is so cute!

PrettyBrownEyes143's picture

That is soooooo cute I love dolphins but now I really wanna be that dolphin!

SBK_Till_The_End143's picture

I'm just sitting here wishing I was a dolphin....Completely normal (;

AurélieSimpson's picture

Aaaw I wish that I was that dolphin! Jealous :D

Lucinda xx's picture

ah so cute xx

Dayin Chick's picture

OMG OMG OMG!! *-*♥♥♥

amanda simpson143's picture

The dolphin's smiling too! even dolphins luv him!

OliviaGreenXo's picture

two of my favorite things dolphins and my husband<3

Carsyn's picture

i really wish i was that dolphin. I am so jealous of that dolphin!!!!!!!

alyi's picture

completly jealous of that dolphin!!!! 143

marieneige's picture

I would be that dolphin.. <3 jealous!

karrenxo's picture

I'm jelly :'D

SidneySimpson143's picture

it would be so amazing to be that dolphin!!!

redred13's picture

so epic

esliDelgado's picture

so cuteee I love you

Maria José's picture

that tender you leave

hotshotz143's picture

My favorite picture of Cody by far!

dancegirle's picture


Canera Chrissie's picture

Luckiest creature of all. I'm so JEALOUS !

emilielovescody's picture

SO CUTE PIC!<3 Love you Cody:D<3

AllyKatt's picture

omg he even cares for dolphins <3333333

UKCodySimpsonFan's picture

wouldnt mind being that dolphin ;) <3<3

Angieee143's picture

wish i was the dolphin!! :D<3

CodySimpsonLuver226's picture

i shud have been in da dophins place!!!!!!!!!!!:$
luv u!!!

eLiZaKi's picture

He's so cute... <3 I LOVE YOU Cody <3 <3 <3 <3

cuppypuppyswimlove2's picture

Can I trade places with that dolphin please?

Xx_Cody_Simpson_Luver_247_Xx's picture

That`s so cute aw Cody :)

I&#039;N&#039;E&#039;SS's picture

sooo cute!!! ;) you must be so delicate, careful and sweet...! :)