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  • Halil Acikgoz's picture
    Started by Halil Acikgoz

    Hey I need you! Yeah all of you!!!!! We are a 15-16 years old boy band we need your support!!

    It would mean the world if you'd check my covers thx and sorry for this!
    Help me and let my dream come true!

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  • DeeDee143143's picture
    Started by DeeDee143143


    Hi my name is destanie and I would like to ask you if you still do those surprises like showing up at peoples houses?
    Because I'd like you to teach me how to play guitar,and give me some singing advice I have a singing career and you and my family inspirer me so much and my other dream is to go on THE VOICE and go to a music school after high school.and I've never been to one of ur concerts before when u came to florida peir park I went to disney world in Orlando and I would really like you to spend the day with me like teach me stuff like guitar because ur my biggest

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  • taylorhenning's picture
    Started by taylorhenning

    Hey Cody Simpson i am really big Fan and i like your song Pretty Brown Eyes because i like it is really a pretty song and i like the way you sing it. I am really a big Fan of yours i got a lot of pictures of u and i voted for u on Dancing on the stars show. Because u are a really good Dancer and singer and i think u have a really good Dance and really good voice to sing to the world.

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  • lucypearseandcody's picture
    Started by lucypearseandcody

    Would you actually ever date a fan? I know you said in an interview that you would but now you're with Gigi and although that's good... (for you)... it kinda makes us fans devastated a lot :(((((
    Anyways, My name is Lucy, i am a massive fan... (another one) and yes!! I HAVE loved you ever since IYIYI !!!!! <3
    Every song you have written has always made me think more about my life and take moments to stop and take a break... and make me believe im in Paradise <8
    Well.... QOTD: whatd u think your chances are of getting with a celebrity are? Slim or big? <3
    REPLY :P

    - Lucy Pearse <3

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  • random_crazze's picture
    Started by random_crazze

    Hi :) I was wondering if it was possible for CODY SIMPSON to give me permission to use his song "La Da Dee" in a video I am creating for my school. I would like to use it as a backing track for my media studies video and my group and I are hoping that you will give us permission so that we do not breach copyright.

    The video will only be seen by parents and students of Sancta Maria College, who are looking at school courses. We are planning to do our video about FOOD TECHNOLOGY I hope that it will be okay with you.

    PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE let us use your song !!!

    Thanks so much :)

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