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  • Estefi143's picture
    Started by Estefi143

    Hey cody When are you going to come to México? ......................... We want a tour in México please!!!

    watch that link please!


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  • AngieHeartz_15's picture
    Started by AngieHeartz_15

    I would like to invite Cody and Alli Simpson to my b-day! I hope to have it maybe this month or in August. I just think it would be fun to have them both there. It sure would me make me have a good day!! Please help them see this please, thanks. :)

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  • ConfusedDad's picture
    Started by ConfusedDad

    I have 3 Meet and Greet Tickets for sunday 6/7/14 at THE Library Birmingham UK, I can no longer take my girls as their grandmother has been taken seriously ill and so they are flying off to say their good byes is any one interested In these? They are currently in Milton Keynes M1 J14, contact me below if interested and I am sure we can work out how to get the tickets to you if possible.

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  • Katie_Breuhl3131's picture
    Started by Katie_Breuhl3131

    Hi Cody! I was wondering where you'll be playing 7/26/2014 because that is my birthday and I'm turning 13. I really want to come to one of your concerts and meet you! Please please please reply. Thanks!

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  • Pauline kenmoe's picture
    Started by Pauline kenmoe

    Call me cody simpson, i love you so much. I have some of you albums. You music is the best. You are beautifull.Can't i have an autographe of you on you picture calll me 450-332-0817 il live in canada. Call me i will
    give you my adresse

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