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Cody Simpson has a girlfriend?

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    Cody Simpson has a girlfriend?
    Viity SAYS
    (3 years 11 months ago)

    Cody Simpson has a girlfriend?Anyone know? please answer!

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on November 15, 2010

Cody Simpson has a girlfriend?Anyone know? please answer!

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yeah everyone stop bothering him! he CAN have his own life without you interfering you know!!!

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*so do.....................not so does woopsies

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Haha i wish i was his gf so does alot of people...hey guess what??? Cody is following me on instagram!!! :p

SidneySimpson143's picture

Yea he is dating me!! JK JK JK he is not dating anyone any Angel should no that! 143 <3

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love 4 cody's picture

Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) hahahahahaha,jokes

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Okay guys, he's not dating anyone. He's not dating the Kardashian girl, he was hooking her up with his friend. He did have a gf before, but he never told us because he was too scared. So, the next time he gets a gf, lets not do death threats or cry or ANYTHING, because that'll make him go into depression.

- Another Angel

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wait r we talking about cody or justin????? i dont really care if they r dating any1 bc its their life and they can do wat ever they want.

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I guess not ? But maybe he likes you :P

ggluvsCRS!'s picture

idk but i dont think so

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wait he is dating the youngest kardashian sister since wen im so confused bc im hearing multiple things?????

Holly&amp;Brooke's picture

so like um who cares if he has a girlfriend? it's kinda not your business anyway. He is allowed a soial and personal life and you're little 'mob' of groupies shouldn't interfer with that.

CodysAngel_16's picture

yeah now he is dating the youngest Kardashian sister. =(

Goose's picture

so cody is single and justin bieber and selena gomez broke up???

Niitha Fmc's picture

okay, but talking about emma toney, is she an actress/singer ? i didnt knw her yet.
and , i think shes not too beautiful

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No, Cody confirmed that he is single in EVERY interview. So no he does not have a girlfriend.

codylover143_75's picture

NO he confirmed it dont worry

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he is not dating any1. he said tht he doesnt not hav the time 2 give the girl the right attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fran2sum's picture

i am telling ya he is dating EMMA TONEY!!!!!

emmi&lt;3CS!!!!!'s picture

okay , i just wacthed a viedo from hollywood life .com and they interviwed cody and he said HE IS SINGGLEE ............BUT.................. him and kylie and justin selena might be going on a double but i thought jb and selena broke / up ???????????????????/

emmi&lt;3CS!!!!!'s picture

i honestly dont kno but im wit yall girls .... I HOPE NOT !!!! lol :) *chesse*

ilovecody7's picture

Actually, for all of those people who think it is Kylie Jenner, that is a rumor.

Darcie Jones's picture

i hope its not true

Kileylovescody143's picture

I heard hes single, but i dont know if its true. I hope it is! lol(:

fran2sum's picture

well i heard he is still hooked up with this girl Emma

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CODY LOVER_25's picture

NO if you listin to youtube then you would know

Devine Simpson's picture

Yes He Has. & the girl is Kylie Jenner. i'm so jealous!!!!! hahaha

Devine Simpson's picture

Yes He Has. & the girl is Kylie Jenner. I'm So Jealous!!! hahaha

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MEEE (jk)
lol no