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what is cody simpsons favorite food?

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    what is cody simpsons favorite food?
    ashley_26 SAYS
    (3 years 4 months ago)
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on June 24, 2011
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For Breakfast...cereal.
For Lunch...a sandwich.
For a Snack...candy.
For Dinner...baked salmon and sweet & sour soup with a refreshing glass of sweet tea.

Hahaha...thanks for asking.

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and he ironically hates seafood... lol

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Italian, Japanese, Cereal, Peanut Butter, Milkshakes, he HATES Cheese!! lol

If i'd take him on a date, I'd take him out for Burgers with NO cheese and Extra yummy stuff! xD and milkshakes!

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BTW he hates cheese!

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Italian food cereal and PEANUT BUTTER!!! lol he's so cute!!

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he said ketch up italian food and cereal

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4 bowls of cereal, italian food and yummy stuff on burgers!:)

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cereal most defiantly he eats four bowls evry morning 2 start the day
wow : )

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Cereal and burgers. He loves both.

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Cereal , and italian food ! like pastas , ! :DD

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pasta with cheese

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burgers with yummy stuff on them and fries! ;)

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ITALIAN FOOD (im 1/2 italian)!! and cereal and yummy stuff on his bugers ;)

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CEREAL! and ITALIAN food oh and mabye BURGERS