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would you go out with older girls..?

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    would you go out with older girls..?
    (4 years 2 months ago)


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on August 13, 2010


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Lol... Might do?! I'm only 6 months and 3 weeks(roughly) younger than him sooo..??

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i'm his age so i have no worries.. he might but he could get bad publicity for it to be fair..

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like younger than him?

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12, ya think he would go out with me?

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I think he would;)
I'm 15 so I hope so!

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i dont think so
heard him say something about YOUNGER girls

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i hopee!! i am only a year and one day older... ;)

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thats a good question..... but i'm sure he would..... i mean.. why not? if he's in love with an older girl and she love him 2 .......... i don't see what could stop them

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Yeea.. :D

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thats something i have always thought about!! im 16 so im alot older than him... 3 years older :L hmm i really wanna know lol :)