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Brycey_143 <3


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Brycey_143 <3
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my name is bryce im 13 years old. i live in canada and my dream is to be a famous actress/dancer. i have been dancing since i was two and i have been in competitions since i was four. my danceteacher is someone very important in my life she pushes me to levels i never thought i could reach.i have one brother my mom means the world to me. im a HUGE harry potter the corkyest/funneiest/outgoing person you will ever meet.i when you say your going to do something in life and you never do it. i have a resame.i hate it when people brag.lucille ball is my inspiration i love her so a huge animal lover i have 4 cats, 3 dogs, a bunnie, and a favorite animal is a flamingo. i have LOTS of friends but i dont think of my self as popular. im very humble and NOT shy at all. i am very good in writing and reading i read college level books i like school i have hazel eyes -.- and brown long hair lots of people consider me gorgeous. and of course i am a huge cody simpson fan!!!

Dance is my life!! i dance 11-13 hours a week and always dancing at home jazz, tap , ballet, pointe, acro, tumbling, lyrical, contemperary, hip hop, modern, musical theater, heels ( when you dance in high heels harder then it sounds), acting, reading, traveling, hanging out with friends,
Favorite Bands: 
Cody simpson, greyson chance, LMFAO
Bryce Victoria Nicole McFarlane is my full name :)
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Taylor swift and backstreet boys havent been to cody simpson concert :(