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Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort
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Posted by Cody's Webcrew

Photo Courtesy of Atlantis Resort

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Dear Cody Simpson,
If You Read This My Name Is Ashley Reymann. I live In Charlotte, North Carolina and Im Soon To Be 14 Years Old. Im Sure Youve Heard It Many Times But Im You #1 Fan. I Have All The Doors In My Bedroom Decorated With Pictures Of You. IDK If Your Reading This, Im Sure You Have People We Do This For You But If You Are, Which I Really Hope You Are.. Ive Never Seen You Live, And I REALLY Want To Come To One Of Your Concerts On Your " Welcome To Paradice Tour". My Friends Think Im Obsessed With You, But I Just REALLLY LOVE YOU. If You Gte The Time Could You PLEASE Come And Sing At My 14 Birthday On In Nember or December. I Will Pay. It My Bigest Dream To Meet You. If You Cant Do That Could You PLEASE Atleast Come To Charlotte And Put On A Show. BTW I Like Soccer, Harry Potter, Ping Pong, (please dont think im wierd) Ketchup, And Many Other Things. If You Cody Call Me And Just Say Hey Please Do, That Would So Make My Life. I Go to Southwest Middle School: 13624 Steel Creek Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28273 , (980) 343-5006.)
If You Decide To Give To Give Me A Call My Cell is (704)-299-8170. Thanks For Reading This If You Are Reading It. You Are My World. Love, Ashley Reymann

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I thought he was sixteen

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he has muscle omg! that so legit

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i found a word that describes him perfectly...SEX.
and come to halifax please :)

codysimpsonlover2471's picture

daamnnn thats hot

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Sooooo cute! I love him so much, he's so funny and sweet! i dont think ive ever seen a guy crack such halarious jokes!

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Did anyone else notice that it kind of looks like his cue self go a little sun burned? I kinda did after staring at him for 2 mins! 143 Cody!

emily's picture

gorgeous! pleasseeee coem to the uk sometime?(a)

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Oh Cody, my Love, my Life, someday i'll be your, um.. ahh... "note to self, try ro think up words that rhyme with life... xD

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i hv de same neckless i luv u cody simpson

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LOVE the neck-less!!!!!!



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I do not know his life story, but I know you deserve much more than you already have =D

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When you come to visit Brazil, I know him personally =D

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:) i love you cody!!!!!!! ur soooo cute

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm speechles. you're still 14th yo but your body.......

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aaaaaaa so cute! love ya cody

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ahhhhhhhhhh i love u cody

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Awesome photo Cody!

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awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u soo much i cant explain it!!!

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too cute

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OMG he is sooooooooooooo hot i dont need the sun

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Aww cute pose cody

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he's even hot when he's sweaty!!! lol love you cod-fish!!!!!