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Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Posted by Cody Simpson

Photo Credit: Andrew Zaeh

Average: 5 (2 votes)


NotJustYouILYCody's picture

Aww Cody i love you!!!! :D

SidneySimpson143's picture

Love you Cody!!!!! <3

ToriLovesCodyS's picture

you look so cute playing your guitar... and I'm a biggest fan love you!!!

KarleeSimpson&lt;3's picture

i think i have a addiction to..... CODY SIMPSON

chloebeth's picture

He is super talented!!
I LOVE HIM!!! :)

CrazyforCodyRobertSimpson's picture

ohhh i just went to the doctor Cody and found that their no cute for Simpson syndrome and im going to have it forever and im wayyyy ok with that

*i-love-cody he is the best*'s picture

Simpson synrome!!!

alicia143_4's picture

i love this pic i am trying to teach my self to play

JoannaRaex's picture

Cody said he doesn't want his fans to be I'm just a Codys angel:D

CodyLuva143_3's picture

more like the simpson syndrome!!! xD

cheyskye143's picture

ive got a bad case of cody fever... any one else?

guitargurl143_2's picture

May just be me, but I think Cody is WAY better at guitar than Justin. (I'm not a fan of Justin, just his music.) Just me though.

Lillo Rillo's picture

1. cover your mouth
2. whisper a wish in your hand
3. post this on 10 other comments
4. now look at your hand

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Paige.T's picture

I got cody fever!!

Simpsonchick14's picture

Cody you play the Guitar SOOOOO well... I love your MUSIC cody

Lozza143's picture

I love you Cody!

emmaLOUISE's picture

Can't Say I Like You Cause I Dont Know You, But, I LOVE Your Music :))

Angel #1's picture

is very cute

codysimpsonlover101's picture

hes so CUTE!!!!

Victoria Rosser's picture

oh. em. ge. what wouldnt i do for him to be mine!!

MrsCodySimpson_6's picture

i love the sound of his guitar!

becka(:'s picture

i must be in heaven cause im lookin at an angel, hey boy i wanna give you a round of applause, you deserve a standing ovation. if you dont know you should know right now, your the only one that i want (thats famous my heart is to justin..NOT beiber) cause your so much more than cody simpson you have a lot in you to get out, id do anything to be able to listen, before you go away you need to realize that its not just you, i wont lie ive never seen a boy so fine in my life your perfect. one look at you thats when i knew thats nothing else matters, gimme the chance to love you ill give you the only reason why, cause you are on my mind. you ARE my favorite song on the radio you ARE a music video i could look at you all day...143!!!

adriana's picture

you look so hot in that photo cody love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

45Cheli's picture

k bonito how cute

bri+cody's picture

i love yoyur guitar u write awsome songs 143 CRS

omgitsme's picture

Awwww. :) cute.

simpsonlove_3's picture


romi's picture

ich liebe dich

tammy_2's picture

so frigin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!