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me surfing!

me surfing!
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Posted by Cody Simpson
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hanoria's picture

What does his board look like

arzum143's picture

OMG :) Hoott :) <3

Your♫Ultimate♪Angel♥'s picture

No way!!!! Hot.. :)

KarleeSimpson&lt;3's picture

HOT and a sufer i much more better can it get

oceanlover13's picture

I would rather be there right now cuz where I live its snowy and cold. I wanna be there!!!
Take me there!!! :)

You Rock Cody!!! You're my inspiration!!!

veebee&lt;3's picture

i would love to know how to surff

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jrdragster783's picture

omg funnn haha where is that?

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CodyLuva143_3's picture

CaUTE!!!! xD

Rachel Cox's picture

cool i tried surfing when i was at wildwood, New jersey and i fell everytime i standed up but then again i was on a boogie board!

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Iam Cody&#039;s Angel's picture

wish i could learn how to surf

MRS.CODY SIMPSON_9's picture

you look hot teach me how to surf Cody

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Cody&lt;3love's picture

with you there Sarah but everyone acts like that I feel bad for him sometimes.

love 4 cody's picture

I never knew this but surfers are fuckin hot!!!

sarah_50's picture

you guys r all freaking out cuz he's famous! if he wasnt you wouldnt even know who he was hes a normal guy!! (a normal really really freaking hot guy) but still! relax yourselves a little.

cassidy_2's picture

i've never touched a surfboard too

PamelalovesCody's picture

i've never touched a surfboard :P

AndreaHileman's picture

I always wanted to do that one I will..

BrittanyG's picture

hey...gotta love surfing!

Ali .J's picture

i love surfing!!!!!

TheMercedes_V's picture

Where was the first place that you went surfing? Was it Australia? My first time was when I went traveling with my parents to Nicaragua.

MorganRiley96's picture

yummy:) lol. very athletic.

Codyliiciious's picture

hha ,,

emilysimpson143cody's picture

i love you marry me codyyy

Sarabear&lt;3's picture

Will you give me surf lessons?? :)

Marie Raymond's picture

it looks so fun...i kept falling the last time