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Summertime vid shoot!

Summertime vid shoot!
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Posted by Cody Simpson
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Argentinachic's picture

Blue is my Fav colour!!!

Brullaan's picture

what can i say, still the cutest!

Briana<3's picture

looks like a relaxing day.

Gabrielle123's picture

hes an awesome sk8boarder.

Gabrielle123's picture

he is a great skateboarder and can totally rock a hat!

Valeria Espinosa's picture

teach me how to skate:D

grace aka mrs. simpson's picture

cool skatebord hot hair

Judyy<3's picture

Maddie is right..Snow..Brrr..I love SUMMERTIME!

Madison_25's picture

summertime!!! You are so cute right there. I would have loved to have been there with ya!!
I lsten to this daily because it cheers me up and in canada there is snow all over and it is freezing!!

viracodys's picture

i hear this song like 50 times a day oh my god,thanks for sing this song cody it cheers me up

lauren.elizabeth<3's picture

so cute

Inès :D's picture


Kaaaaaathi's picture

OMG ; It's pretty cool :) !
1-4-3 loove ?

lysh's picture

love dat song, wet n wild is soo much fun!!!

RuBa's picture

i will be there to... and not in a land, with only water, snow and cold weather :D

i<3cody_42's picture

i love this video

lileytaylor's picture

go cody go!!!!!!!!!

Aleena(:_2's picture

Your so freakin' cute!'s picture

i ? that song!!!

Djroxgirl's picture

it's impossible to skateboard, well the weather in scotland is pretty bad :L

soph_smiles's picture

pffttt just casually riding the long boards around the gold coast :D

Gigi : )'s picture

hh cool, i love this picture ?

CODYLOVER4444's picture

this is one of those times when i rele wish i knew how to skateboard

L.LawLiet.G's picture

cool !! :D

camrock16c's picture

OMG sxy cute 143

Payton :)'s picture

i luv ur clothez n ur lyk a god cuz u can skateboard, surf, ride a bike, n do almost anything u wnt 2 hahaha 143 cody!!!

codysimpsonlover143_16's picture

i skatebaord!... well i used to but i dont now.

GeorgiaLovesCody's picture

why do you have to be soo fitt !! hahah xx

Graceii143's picture

that a long board or just a skateboard??

ohnolol143$'s picture

was this vid shot in aussie?